Yeasted Meringue Coffee Cake

This month-Daring Bakers is hosted by Jamie and our favorite Ria Mathew…How can i miss this, even while i am on vacation in my hometown. Jus sipping the filter coffee and cherishing my childhood memories…I wish to go two decades back and start my hassle free kid’s life..

The coffee cake is made out of yeast, and I enjoyed this cake in every bite. I am sure its a keeper recipe. Of Course, the recipe does have lot of eggs, U can try my eggless Cinnamon Rolls recipe for the dough and replace the meringue with butter.

Sorry to all lovable curious readers, I cudnt make very stepwise pictures, since running out of time. But i saved few shots not to disappoint u on the whole.. And To all the cynics, I managed to click the pre-final results, This is for you too.

Make a soft dough, as given in this recipe and give lot of time to raise the dough…

I used the exact recipe of jamie’s.

I used Cashews, Choco strands and Raisins for the stuffing

Roll the dough and seal the edges and allow it to raise again

Brushed some egg on top, sprinkled the choco strands

Finally I scissored the corners in “V” shapes and baked it

at 180*C  for exactly 25 minutes

And its done,The cake is very soft and yummy…

The addition of sugar and eggs in the dough played a great role

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