Varaguarisi pongal

I have started cooking with millets which i got from india..The millets are very healthy,lighter and not costly which were used in ancient period….Ever since, I  read aaram thinai article in anandha vikatan , I wanted to try thinai,varu,samai millets and include it in my regular cooking.I have made arisi upma,ven pongal and curd rice with thinai.Thinai tastes like parboiled rice and varagu tastes like raw rice.Obviously it is to easy to cook and tastes better than rice.Millets are such a boom in food industry,a kilo of varagu rice costs some forty rupees and comes for one week as rice substitute for two persons…The varagu arisi pongal can be made same as arisi pongal except more water is used to cook varagu arisi (1:3)

To wash the millets,add some running water to millet and drain it.Wash it 3-4 times to remove the dust and dirts.Dont use strainer as millet will spill.


Varagu arisi-1 cup

Moong dal-2 tsps

Water-3 cups

Jaggery-3/4 cup,grated

Ghee/Oil-2 tsps

Cashews-a few

Cardamon-1-2 nos


1.Heat a pan, add oil, saute the arisi for two minutes and then add the moong dal

2.Saute the dal for a minute. Meanwhile, crush the cardamon

3.Add the cardamon and cashews to them, saute until cashew is well fried

4.Add the water and cook it for 10 minutes in medium flame

5.Dissolve the jaggery in half cup of water, boil it and strain the syrup

6.Once the rice is well cooked, stir in the syrup

7.Once, the pongal thickness, its ready to serve

Since the festival season is beginning ,its time to make this dish and enjoy the feast…

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