Puttu and karamani curry

I am wishing all the Indians, a very happy republic day 2012!…I am glad to post the tri flavored puttu and Karamani curry…Both are my family’s fav dish….

For Green,Grained a cup of  Mint and Green Chillies..

Its a must-try variation of puttu…

For Yellow Color, I used Corn Puttu Podi

The green puttu tasted the best out of the rest.

Mix a cup of puttu maavu with half cup of water and Salt..

Set aside for 15 minutes

Add the mint water to the puttu maavu with salt...Set aside

Layer the maavu and grated coconut in Puttu steamer…and Steam it for 10-15 minutes…

When steam starts to escape, u can remove it from flame

Pull the puttu out of steamer

And Serve with Yummy Karamani Curry

(The recipe is given below)

 Karamani/Lobia Curry


Karamani-2 cups

Onion/Shallots,sliced-half cup


Sambar powder-3/4 tsp

Salt to taste

Oil-1 tsp

Curry leaves-a few


Soak the Karamani peas in hot water for 20 minutes

Pressure cook or Cook them for 7-10 minutes until it turns soft

Saute the onion and tomato with Salt

if using the shallots, dont remove the skin, u can use as it is

Add the cooked karamani and a cup of water

Add the sambar powder and bring to a boil

Sprinkle some curry leaves

Serve with puttu

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