Navadanya adai

Whenever i plan to diet (yes i do),I mutually end up to see all sort of delicious food…That really put me off…But rather i plan to diet, I should plan to have more self-control in eating high calorie food….The navadhanya adai is known to me before a year through this Contest, the second runner up made this..So, Its not jus healthy, but delicious too. I remember many americans running for this adai  ” Aunty, One more Haadai, please…Its jus so yum, but the chattney is quiet spicy ” 🙂


To make Batter
Karamani/tatta paruppu/Lobia – 50 gms
Pasiparuppu – 50 gms
Konda Kadalai/Chick peas – 25 gms
Kollu/Horsegram-15 gms
Thuvaram paruppu/Toor-25 gms
Kadalai paruppu-15 gms
Passi paruppu-15 gms
Pattani paruppu-25 grams
Arisi -2 tsp

To Powder
Red Chillies-4
Fennel-1 tsp

To Add
Curry leaves-2 arc
Coriander leaves-half cup
Ginger-half inch, Chopped
Salt to taste
SesameOil -One cup

1.Soak all the navadhanyam over night or till 8 hours

2.Add all the grains to the blender/grinder with a cup of water
3.Grind it for 5 mintues, and remove a handful of (coarsely) batter and grind rest of them to smooth like dosa batter.
4.Mean while, dry roast red chillies, sombu and Asafoedia, cool and add it to batter
5.Mix the coarsely batter and smooth batter, and the rest of the ingredients..
6.To make adai, spread the batter in dosa pan and sprinkle a teaspoon of oil with spoon..

7.Once cooked, flip to other side and cook until it turns slight brown.

1.Dont make batter completely coarsely as it takes so much time to cook
2.Making the batter to thin as we do for dosa is also fine
3.The kollu and the arisi needs an hour to soak, while all the paruppu needs 2-3 hours and the rest needs 8 hours…But u can just mix all and soak it overnight (in triple the amount of water)

4.U can also use the navadhanyam (mixed grains) packet from shop

Small onion Chutney
Small onions-1 cup, peeled
Country/Romo Tomato-half cup
Broken Urad dhal-1 tsp
Red Chillies-4
Sesame oil-2tsps
Salt to taste


1.Fry all the ingredients in oil, adding one by one, cool it and grind it to fine paste…

The adai is easy to digest  than usual ones, Low in calorie and High in Fiber,Since the recipe calls for wholegrains….Do try this recipe and share ur genuine views..

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