Priya's feast


Kovil murukku is one of the popular snack in southern india,it is easy to make and  very lighter version of murukku and can be eaten as much as you can  ;)….The recipe suits best to use mullu murukku achu(star mould) as it gives crunchy texture.


(Raw) Rice flour-800gms

Greengram flour (Pasiparuppu)-100gms

Roasted channadal(Pottukadalai) flour-200 gms

Butter-25 gms

Khuskhus/Poppy seeds(kasakasa)-10gms

Cumin/Sesame seeds-2 tsps

Oil to deep fry

Salt to taste


1.Mix rice flour, greengram flour, channadal flour and salt altogether, sieve it for 2-3 times

2.Sprinkle the seeds & KhusKhus and mix well 

3.Add butter, mix it gently and sprinkle water and make a firm dough

4.Use the star mould ,and release the dough over the back of laddle or small plate

5.Flip the plate/laddle into the hot oil gently and fry it until the oil stops sizzling

The murukku got over before i finish making it..The proportions are exactly same and try to deep fry in ghee (clarified butter) for the kids…Using butter in dough should be minimal, otherwise the murukku will tend to break while frying…Wish you a happy and very safe diwali..Enjoy!

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