Priya's feast


 Idiyappam means mostly i remember my mom’s place. She got a small wooden press with copper plate. She does it along with idli steaming on other side and whenever i try to stand next to her to watch the process, she finishes it sooner and wipe the place. On other side, my dad (doctor) gets the calls from patients (who are in dialysis or underwent surgery) asking what they supposed to eat. My dad in milder tone says idly or idiyappam. This happens almost every day. Is this the food being we walking towards to??.The food must be taken before Aaaadi adangum moone period. Wont those instant noodles or dry version of sevai are considered forever??…Fast forward the scene at my home, I tried once for lunch and dinner. It was such a pain stacking job to press the dough out of tiny holes and the process, i never ever want to try it again. My hubby says why you want to try it when you can always buy them. So, my mom loves her pethi comes running for second serving because her daughter never makes it. But i know i make it one day in a jiff like my mom, it hardly takes 15 minutes (believe me it does).


Idiyappam flour-1 cup

Water-1+ 1/4 cup

Salt-1/4 tsp

Oil-3-4 tbsps

Sevai press

The idiyappam press which i use. I apply sesame oil all over before i use it. I always open the underneath and fill the dough,s ince it will be easily, quick and mess free.


1.Boil the water with salt and oil

2.Once the bubble starts at bottom (not on top)

3.Switch off the flame and add the flour

4.Use the thick wooden or steel ladle and stir for a minute

5.The flour gets along with water and forms a dough

6.Apply oil in hands and make three or four giant cylindrical


7.Fill the press with single ball and squeeze it in steamer plate 

8.Steam it for 7 to 10 minutes in low flame

9.Press one of the string to find it is cooked or not

10.Remove the steamer plates, rest it for 2 -3 minutes and scoop them out

11.Scramble the idiyappam,1/2 cup of coconut and little bit of sugar and enjoy the feast

To make idiyappam in bamboo plates,

1.Soak the plates in water for half an hour

2.Apply oil on each plate, squeeze the dough all over making thin layer

3.Put a small flat bowl upside down in steamer, place the plate and steam it for 5 minutes

(it steams faster)

4.If you have 3-4 plates, the process is easily. Once the dough is ready, squeeze it in each plate and leave it aside, Steam them one by one. stock the cooked idyappam in an air tight box and make as many dishes as you like.


1.Once the dough is ready, finish squeezing as soon as possible

2.Apply oil in hands and in press to do mess free job

3.I dont recommend plain rice flour for this dish, u should try with idiyappam flour which comes handy in many brands.

4.If you want to make more quantity, make up to two cups of flour and repeat the process

5.If the dough is dried out by any chance, steam it as cylindical form for 2-3 minutes and use it again.

Please dont ignore this dish, its easily digestible and kids will love it.

Happy feasting!!

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