Priya's feast

Cauliflower 65

Crispy Cauliflower in the bed of Cabbage Salad…

The most commonly made Veg starter and most selling street food as Cauliflower pakoda or Gobi 65,but no one in my family likes cauliflower except me…Today i made it all for me and only me 😛


Cauliflower-10 to 12 florets

Cornflour -2 tbsps

Rice flour -1 tbsp

Garlic paste – half tsp

Cumin powder-1 tsp

Turmeric powder -half tsp

Orange color -a pinch

Salt to taste

Oil to deep frying


1.Blanch the cauliflower in hot water (added salt and tumeric in it) for 2-3 minutes

2.Drain the water from cauliflower

3.Mix Cornflour, Rice flour, Garlic paste and Cumin powder in a bowl and make into thin paste with water

4.Add the cauliflower to the paste 

5.Heat the oil and fry all of them in medium flame

This is unedited picture

Dont use the cauliflower directly for frying, dip atleast few secs in the hot water…

In medium flame, fry the florets….if the oil is too hot, u will get dark florets
If u want spicy add half tsp of chilli powder or garam powder
Dont forget to sprinkle some chat masala on top and also to squeeze few drops of lemon

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