Biscuit pudding

China grass biscuit pudding


China grass-10 grams

Milk-half litre

Custard powder-1 tbsp

Milk maid- 3/4 cup

Marie Biscuit– 10

Cashew nuts– 50 gms

Powdered Sugar-100 gms

Vanilla essence– 2 drops

Butter– 2 tbsp

Ghee– 2 tbsp


1.Soak china grass in half cup of water for half an hour

2.Crush the biscuits and mix with powdered sugar

3.Heat a pan, add ghee, fry the cashews to slight brown, and add the crushed biscuits

4.Boil milk and cool it down..take a cup of milk mix with custard powder and set aside

5.Add the condensed milk , custard milk and sugar to the milk and let it to boil in low flame

6.Mean while, Boil the soaked china grass, and allow it to melt completely

7.When china grass is hot, add it to milk and stir well

8.Add Vanilla essence

9.Set the bowls in a tray, sprinkle the biscuit mixture

10.Pour the milk till the rim of the glass

11.Leave them for 5-10 minutes, once a thin layer of pudding is set, sprinkle some more biscuits on top

12.Move the tray to fridge(not freezer) and it will be set in one to two hours

13.Serve chilled


1.Substitute milk and condensed milk / with skimmed milk if needed

2.For Serving or sharing ,use individual bowls and for party use a square or rectangle serving dish,
so,the biscuit base comes evenly to all 

3.Make sure,the agar agar is hot and well melted while u add it to the milk

4.I doubled the recipe here

5.Pudding will not melt if placed at normal room temperature

6.To un-mold,run knife on edges slightly on top

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