Bhoondi laddu

The boondhi laddu is a very easy sweet as gulab jamun,of course after some trial and errors…

After I got married,I made boondhi laddu almost for every diwali..My husband and hansika will be seen more around the dining table ,picking up one by one from the tray..

I will share the tips that wud help u to make perfect and fresh homemade laddu….

Dont miss to check the video of making boondhis


Besan -1 cup

Rice flour-2 tsps

Cooking Soda-2 pinches

Salt -a pinch

Edible Camphor/Pacha Karpuram ,powdered-1 pinch

Cardamon, Crushed-4

Fried Cashewnuts and Raisins -a Few

For Sugar Syrup

Sugar-2 cups

Water-Half cup


Sieve the besan and rice flour, with salt and cooking soda

Make a thin batter of it

Heat the oil and use boondhi ladle or similar one to make boondhi

Make the Sugar Syrup…The Consistency of Sugar Syrup must be thick as u can see thru the bubbles itself..

I usually make little more thicker than one string consistency for laddu….

Add the boondhi to sugar syrup when syrup is still hot, Add the fried nuts and raisin in it


Hope it will be useful for you,

Tip 1: Always sieve the besan flour before using it

Tip2: Make the batter as thin as dosa batter

To get fine boondhis,

Tip3: If u r not using boondhi ladle, never wipe the batter using a vessel on it

neither tape it to get the ball drop-lets..

Tip4: Clean the ladle from batter for every batch

Tip5: Always hold the ladle 2 inches above the oil..

Tip6: Remove the boondhis ,while it stops sizzling in the oil

Tip7: For sugar syrup make them into thick consistency

Tip8:Add the Cardamom and Pacha Karpuram in Syrup itself

Tip9: Add the boondhis as a single batch to the syrup to get even color

Tip10:Let the boondhis goes semi dry and then make balls with mild pressure ,

(may be with a little hint of ghee)

Tip11: To test the perfect soaked bondi, press them in tip of ur finger, the boondi will be sponger and oozes sugar syrup

Tip 12: Place the ladoos in a tray with a semi opened cover or place the paper on top.. So it dries somemore

Tip13: Never keep them in air tight container as soon as u made it, It will spoil soon and breaks easily

Many newly weds are struggling to make this…The below tips are for those who tried and cudn’t make it well…

Tips to Try again

If u dont get fine balls , Grind the boondhis coarsely and mix with perfect ones..

If u had over cooked the boondhis and turned very hard (if u added more rice flour or less water),

Sprinkle some hot water on hard boondhis and then add to the syrup

If the sugar goes too thick, add some water and boil it again to get perfect consistency…

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