Baked cheesecake

I made this for my last wedding anniversary and posted in my new domain…It went missing in shift over to blogger…I am very glad to share with you now…I have tried both eggless and egg versions of this recipe.The Taste was needless to say ,
it was the best homemade cheesecake with nice,creamy and also with firm texture.

All purpose flour-200 gms
Cornflour-30 gms
Egg-3 or Condensed milk-60 ml
Cream Cheese-8 oz pack
Sugar-100 to 150 gms
Whipping Cream-120 gms
Vanilla Essence-1 tsp
Salt-half tsp
Jamuns-As needed

For the base
Powdered Marie Biscuits-100 gms
Melted Butter/Oil-3 tbsp

Check the stepwise pictures in clockwise direction.

1.Whip the cream cheese, Whipping Cream, Sugar and Vanilla Essence in a bowl for 4-5 minutes
2.Add the beated eggs/Condensed milk slowly to the Cream Cheese and beat it well
3.Mix the Flours and salt and add them to Cream Cheese and fold it well
4.Mix the melted butter and Powdered biscuits well
5.Take a 8 inch Spring form pan, and set the biscuit and press firmly to form a base
6.Half the jamuns into two and Arrange from the corners to the middle
7.Pour the cream cheese mixture slowly over the centre, allow it spread
8.Spread the cheese on the top with a knife to cover the jamuns well
9.Cover the pan with aluminium foil tightly wrapped
10.Stem it in a steamer, pressure cooker or an oven for 15-20 minutes in medium flame
11.Insert a knife in the middle to chk it is baked well, if it is still moist, bake it few more minutes
12.Dont over bake it, since it will turn hard.

             Once baked,Refrigerate for 2-3 hours and Serve Chilled...Those who use condensed milk,reduce the Sugar amount. 

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