Aval javvarisi payasam

I love lighting lamps ,karthikai deepam is my most favorite festival.During my childhood i have lighted nearly hundreds of lamps in my mom’s house..I would be the first one collecting lamps and the preparations of karthikai deepam is always my pleasure to do all my own..Though i live in apartment now,the number of lamps are increasing and getting close to hundred this year…Of course,the only day i make a poo kolam and centre piece would be my beautiful sara-vilaku..I cant wait for the day now.

Wish you all a very happy karthikai deepam..

Aval javvarisi payasam


Aval(beaten rice)– 1 cup

Javvarisi(sago)-1 cup

Jaggery (dark colored)-1 cup

Milk-1 cup

Ghee-3 tbsps

Cardomon powder-1/4 tsp


Before you start cooking,

soak javvarisi/sago for one hour with two cups of water

1.Heat the pan, add the ghee.

2& 3.Sprinkle the aval/beaten rice and fry it for 5-6 minutes in low heat

4.Drain the water from javvarisi/sago and squeeze out the excess water 

5.Add the javvarisi/sago to the aval and saute for a minute

6 &7. Add the milk and allow in to cook for 10 minutes until both sago and aval are softened

8.Powder the jaggery and add a cup of water, bring to boil, once the jaggery is melted

9.Add the jaggery syrup to pan, and let it boil for 3-4 minutes until the flavors are well blended


Adding cold milk to aval and sago mixture will avoid the milk curdling 🙂

Always wash sago 3-4 times to remove the excess chemicals added to stimulate white color

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