Hi ,Wish u all Happy ganesh chathurthi..hope u all enjoyed and be bless..i am sharing modak little early…cos i made pooja day before chathurthi..since my hubby leaving out of station..

I made lots of varieties…He and my daughter gulped entire kozhukattais…i saved a few to show u….


For White dough

Rice flour-1 cup

Water-1 and half cup

Salt-1/2 tsp

Oil-1 tsp

Milk-1 tsp


1.Boil Water, Salt, Milk and Oil

2.Add flour and mix..

3.Once it forms the dough, Remove from fire

4.When it is cooled, knead them well

5.Apply oil in hands, make a spread over (applied oil) plastic or any leaves


This is usual stuffing

Coconut-1 cup

Jaggery-3/4 cup

Eachi pwd-a pinch

Ghee-2 tsp

Melt jaggery in 1/4 cup of water, add coconut, elachi and ghee. Once it goes unsticky, Stuff in middle of Kozhukattai and Steam it for 2-3 minutes. Serve hot.

This is Sesame seed/Ellu Poranam

Sesame Seed-1/4 cup

Coconut-1/4 cup

Sugar-1/4 cup

Ghee-1 tsp

Dry Roast the sesame seed and grind with coconut. Boil sugar with 2 tbsp of water and once sugar melts, add the coconut and ghee. Once poranam goes unsticky, Stuff in kozhukattai and Steam it

This is Khus Khus Poranam, My Favourite

Coconut-1 cup

Khus Khusa-1/2 cup

Sugar-1 cup

Elachi-1 tsp

Ghee-2 tbsp

Dry Roast Khus Khus and Coconut. Grind them well. Make sugar syrup and add this coconut mix. Add Ghee and elachi, stir it goes unsticky at bottom. Use this stuffing for kollukattai.

And a Final Kozhukattai is ready

Pidi Kozhukattai

Mix Coconut n Jaggery Ponam with rice dough and hold it tightly which is Pidi Kozhukattai

Ammani Kozhukattai

Fry mustard seeds, urad dal, curry leaves and red chilly flakes in oil. Add this seasoning to rice dough. Make fine balls and Steam it

Thanks you friends !!!

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