Friday, September 07, 2018

Vellai paniyaram /செட்டிநாடு வெள்ளைப் பணியாரம்

Vellai paniyaram is chettinad snack which is very famous in wedding and deepavali.I have tasted it in many of the events.When I tasted paniyaram for the first time,it was soft and tasty went well with the red chutney. Its a delicate dish to cook.It depends on rice quality and temperature how the batter is made.The batter is well made without fermenting. I have asked many people how it is made.Someone told to try ice cubes while grinding the batter to avoid fermenting.

Raw Rice/Pachaarisi IR.20-1 cup
Urad dal/ulunthu-1 tbsp
Cold water-1/2 cup
milk-3 tsp

1.Measure rice and dal .Soak them in two cups of water for 2 hours.

2.Add rice,dal,milk and 1/4 cup of cold milk to blender

3.Grind it to very fine batter.It should be thick and pouring consistency

4.Add salt to the batter

5.Heat 2 cups of oil in medium flame,not so hot.

6.Pour the batter by holding the ladle for 2-3 inches away from the oil

7.When the paniyaram fluffs up,flip them to cook other side.When the bubbles settles,remove them from frying pan.

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