Saturday, March 12, 2016

Grilled Mushrooms and Vegetables

This is my family's favorite dish.I made 2-3 times by now.First time,I made only with mushrooms and later with vegetables.The very simple ingredients make the dish very delicious.I bought the poultry blend ,so it had both the herbs of thyme and rosemary.

Mushrooms-10-12 nos
Bell peppers-1
Fresh Rosemary-2-3 stems
Thymes-4-5 stems
Olive oil-1/4 cup
Garlic-4-5 cloves
Red chilli flakes-1 
Any cheese-1/4 cup
Salt-1/2 tsp


1.Chop garlic finely and mix with olive oil
2.Removes the leaves of rosemary and thyme
3.Add the leaves ,Red chilli flakes,salt to the olive oil
4.Wash the mushrooms and chop vegetables to lengthy size

5.Marinate the vegetables and mushrooms with the seasoning of olive oil mix for at least one hour
6.Heat a pan ,add the mushrooms & vegetables and toss for a minute,move the pan to preheated oven for 400*F/220*C.
7.Grill them for 8-10 minutes.

8.Sprinkle the grated cheese, and place the pan in oven for two minutes
9.Add the mushrooms to serving plate, along with the left out juice.
Serve with a dip or sourcream(optional)
I mixed achar/pickle with curd 

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