Thursday, March 10, 2016

All in One-Anjarapetti Cooking Basics 1

The most used south indian spices,From Right to Left,Dry Red Chillies(Kaayintha Mulakai),Cumin(Siragam),Mustard(Kaduku),Fennel(Vendayam),Pepper(Melaku),Jeera (Jeeragam) and in center is Broken Urad dal(Ulutham paruppu)

All these seeds gives added flavour to indian food,when it is fried in oil or grained with other ingredients.

No Indian kitchen is left without this multiple-storage spice kit

I love north indian dishes as much as south indian.....When i was in school ,i learnt to make butter paneer masala...I do it in authentic way and its yummy to have with rotis.I love their dahi poori chat and aloo paratha...yumm...

i often visit dabba express at cenatoph road in chennai where u can smell all these flavours...

My North indian masala kit contains all the most used masala powders in north indian dishes...Kasuri Methi,Kashmir Red chilli powder,Turmeric powder,Cumin powder,Pepper powder,Garam masala and cant say no for chat masala
This is the storage for all my dried spices...As I dont like to use many dry spices...Dry spices are hard to digest and harmful to health........I have (right to left) Cinnamon(Pattai),Cardamom(Elakkai),White Sesame Seeds(Vella Ellu), Star Anise(Annasi Poo),Bayleaf (Brinji Ellai),Roasted Groudnuts(Varutha Kadalai) and Cloves(Krambu)....I use these minimal dry spices to make my biryani and Gravies.

I don't like storing huge no of groceries ,I wish to buy and cook, then and there , dispose everything.....I have this multi purpose kit storage which is a favourite of my child... She loves to open ,eat and mix altogether...I go crazy when she touches this box..i use this for all kind of desserts...It has (right to left) Dessicated Coconut,Red Raisins,Jeera Sugar Candy,Nuts,Tutti Fruity and Brown Raisins.I also store plums which i used in my Black Forest Cake

Its been luvly to share all my Multipurpose Kit...ThanQ...

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