Thursday, January 21, 2016

Flatbread Pizza(No yeast recipe)


    Baking something new once in a while always been regular in my kitchen .Pizzas and cakes are never a miss when it comes to birthday party.So those are the days when we have so much to do, we always look out for instant fix.I liked the pizzas made in wooden oven.The people waiting after an order could see how thinly the base is made and the long ladle(peel blade) that sends the pizza inside the hot oven.It hardly takes 5-7 minutes to bake.I tried similar one and saved in my draft last year.

The flatbread pizzas can be made with pre-made naan or any flatbreads and also without any sauces.The vegetables are previously saute'd.The cheese is used over the sauce and the vegetables comes over all the toppings.So the vegetables stays crunchy and holds the right flavor.

Recipe Link:Robert Irvine's Flatbread Pizzetta

For Dough
All purpose flour-2 cups
Minced Garlic-1 tbsp
Italian Seasoning-1 tsp
Salt-1 tsp
Water-1/4 cup
Tomato Sauce
Cheese of your choice
Vegetables of your choice
Olive oil -2 tsps
Red chilli flakes as needed


To make the dough, mix garlic,flour,italian seasoning and salt in a bowl.Add water in center and gently make the dough.Cover the dough with wrapper and rest it for 30 minutes.
Roll the dough into thin sheets(1/8th inch) thickness ,mostly in shape of oval or circle.
Place them in a baking tray.

Heat a pan, add the olive oil ,saute sliced onions,capsicum and mushrooms for a minute.

Spread the tomato sauce on top with a spoon

Spread the shredded cheese and then sauted vegetables

Top it with arugula ,red chilli flakes, jalapeno and sliced olives 
Bake them at 400*F in a preheated oven , for 7-8 minutes.

The topping starts with sauce,cheese,sauted vegetables and pickled vegetables.
If you need more crusty pizza, you can increase the temperature and the time.
If the dough rolled  into a base goes thick,the base will be uncooked.
So make sure it has to be as thin as possible.


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Paruppu boli

Paruppu Boli/Puran Poli is made at home during sankranti and bogi festival.Boggi is the festival celebrated for lord Indra who is the creator of clouds and rains.The rice,turmeric and sugarcane is harvested fresh during this time.I remember my native place thanjavur is well known for it.While the big kolam is drawn in front of the house with a pumpkin flower enlightens the art.There will be a wood fire to burn old things of the house from clothes,dried leaves and disposals.They paint the house and make the place very clean and eco friendly. I really enjoyed my  childhood hopping on the fresh rice, mounted in corner of my house with my cousin.The pathayam (Rice Storage trunk) where they store rice or grains will have a palm size wooden slab that pops out the grains.During pongal,it will be stored with paddy as excess harvesting for the season.

Boli is widely available in sweet shops as freshy as made in many varieties.It needs lot of effort to do from scratch.I learnt well only after many trials.Here is the detailed method in my way.

Maida-2 cups
Channa dal-2 cups
Jaggery-2 cups
Cardomon powder-1 tsp
Yellow/Orange color powder -1/2 tsp
Oil/Ghee-1 cup
Salt-1/2 tsp

1.Add Flour,salt ,food color and water to a bowl 
2.Mix all the ingredients to make a soft dough
3.Pour 1/2 cup of oil and knead the dough for 5 to 10 minutes
4.Apply oil on the dough and rest it until its needed

5.Soak the channa dal  in water for one hour
6.Drain the water and cook dal with one cup of water well in a pan or pressure cooker 
7.Meanwhile melt the jaggery and one cup of water in a pan to thick syrup
8.Add the cardamon powder to it and set it aside
9.Grind the dal to fine powder and add it to the jaggery syrup
10.Pour them in an non stick pan, start stirring the dal and jaggery mix until it is well combined or thickened.
11.Allow it to cool and make them into round balls

12.Take a small ball of maida dough and start rolling into small roti with rolling pin
13.Keep the stuffing/poranam in centre and seal the edges to form a ball
14.Press the dough gently and roll into thin bolis with dusting some flour on both sides

15.Heat a flat pan, cook the bolis in medium flame on both sides
16.Once it is cooked it leaves some brown spots on top.
17.Apply oil or ghee on both sides and serve.

1.Drain the water from cooked dal completely.If needed ,pat dry the dal in tissue paper
2.If the poranam is sticky,it will not spready evenly
3.To make it easier,the poranam can be made previously and boli can be rolled on the next day.

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