Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tawa pulao with spring onion raita

I made this pulao with left over pav bhaji masala on the same day i made pav bhaji.I didnt have much of vegetables at home , so i  ended up adding bell peppers that enhanced the flavor.I must be the last one who is trying this happening trendy dish.It came closer to biryani somewhere i had that had bit of tangy and spicy taste.I dont remember much of things as of now i mostly look for what to cook next but not to where to eat next. ;-P  

Bhaji masala-1 cup
Water-2 cups
Rice-1 cup
Vegetable -1 cup ,chopped
(Peas,bell peppers)
Salt to taste

1.Add two cups of water to the same bhaji pan.
2.Add the vegetable and bring it to boil
3.Add the rice  and close lid.Let it cook for 10 minutes.
4.Stir in occasionally to not let the rice stick to the base
5.Once the rice is cooked,add in 2 tbsps of butter,stir  and serve hot
6.If needed,add little salt only when rice is cooked.

To make spring onion raita
Mix one cup of chopped spring onion raita to 1 cup of beaten curd and add salt to taste.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ragi idiyappam with ginger chutney

I have been busy for couple of weeks..I didnt get time to sit and compose this post.Making idiyappam is my recent favorite , I tried many versions of it.I couldnt click everytime with my dslr.But some of the dishes are clicked only by my phone.I made this for dinner.Healthy and guilt free indulge ,you will be glad making it for your family :) Dont miss the ginger chutney is a great combo with ragi idiyappam.

Ragi idiyappam

Ragi flour-2 cups
Rice flour-1/2 cup
Salt-1/2 tsp
Water-2 cups

To make Ginger chutney
Ginger-1/2 cup
Urad dal-2 tsps
Curry leaves-an arc
Red chillies-3 nos
Tamarind-small pinch
Oil-1 tsp


1.Boil the water to lukewarm in a pan
2.Mix ragi flour,rice flour and salt in a bowl
3.Add the warm water and make into soft dough
4.Use idiyappam press , make idiyappam with idli steamer
5.It takes 5-7 minutes to cook,once the steam escapes on sides,off the flame

To make chutney

1.Heat a pan ,add oil ,fry each ingredient one by one
2.Allow it to cool and grind them in blender with little water

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