Saturday, December 27, 2014

Thai Fried Rice

Seriously, is there an another year coming to an end?.I couldnt beleive it, I was wondering how can i click and make a still of my flying hours.. No clue, how this year went so fast.I lost my blogging spirits a lot since i am travelling a lot these days.You cannot curse me for that ,but can do for the mole on my feet. I wish i can travel to uranus sometime and shrunk or skipped a decade.So, the anticipation to know the future will be less , but i will miss waiting for the whole year to enjoy this christmas season..The world looks more beautiful and calm (shhhh) in this season.I dont want to go uranus ,if christmas is this better in my life.This is the time almost everyone turns into christian like everyday half of the world turning chinese to eat chinese food.American chinese food is way too sweet while indian chinese food is way too indianised like even chinese doesnt know gobi manchurian etc.,I didnt want to make plain fried rice, I am going far ahead to make most flavourful thai fried rice which no one even had in thailand.What?..Are you stuck somewhere?!..Loads more coming up,because we are welcoming a new year soon and by today this blog turns six years old. I never expected i could come this far in cooking when i was started.I am still holding on and wishing to share lot more recipes(bless me for that).Whenever I had a thought to stop blogging and felt very cliche on doing same cooking and whole process.I know I am disappointing many with my absence.So i had posted atleast once a week this year.And thank god for giving me the opportunity to share something good that makes people happy.

This is not an authentic recipe ,Its my version of making thai fried rice.

Long grain rice-250 gms
Cabbage-1 cup,chopped
Carrot-1 cup,chopped
Spring onion-3,chopped
Kaffir lime leaves-5-6 nos
Ginger/Galangal-2" inch,chopped
Lemon grass-1 stick
Soya sauce-1 tbsp
Namjai paste-1-2 tsps
Red chilli paste/sambal-1 tsp
Oil-3-4 tbsps
Salt to taste


1.Boil five cups of water with 3 kaffir lime leaves and lemon grass until it is bubbling hot
2.Add the washed long grain rice and two pinch of salt to the boiling water
3.Once the rice is cooked , drain the rice and discard the leaves and lemongrass
4.Chopped all the vegetables to fine and as smallest pieces.Chop the rest of the kaffir lime leaves ,ginger and garlic to fine pieces

5.Heat a pan or wok, add the oil ,sprinkle the chopped garlic and let it brown well

6.Add the chopped vegetables,spring onion,kaffir lime leaves and ginger
7.Stir for 2-3 minutes until all the vegetables are 3/4th cooked
8.Move the vegetables to corner of the  pan and add the eggs,sprinkle a dash of salt and pepper on it .

9.Let the egg cooks well, then use the ladle and scramble the eggs and mix it with the vegetables
10.Add the sauce,red chilli and namjai paste and saute the vegetables until all the flavors are well blended

11.Add each cup of cooked rice one by one.Stir and blend the vegetables to each cup of rice,before adding next.Check the salt only now ,if needed you can add more.Cook it for 2-3 minutes in high frame.Its done.

Happy Feasting 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Coconut Macaroons

Flaked coconut-1+1/3 cups
Confectionery Sugar-1/3 cup
All purpose flour-2 tbsps
Salt-a pinch
Egg whites-1
Vanilla extract-1/2 tsp


1.Mix in the coconut ,sugar ,all purpose flour and salt.Give a gentle mix with ladle.
2.Add the vanilla extract,and mix it again
3.Add the egg white little by little until all the ingredients are well combined
4.All the egg white need not to be added , I used only 3/4 th of it.
5.Scoop the mix with a tsp and line them in a parchment paper with one inch apart.Shape them into cone shaped.Bake them in a preheated oven for 325* for 18-20 minutes.

1.Use normal size of egg, so the dough mix should not be runny.
2.The recipe makes around 9-12 cookies
3.To make them eggless, add 2-3 tbsps of condensed milk to make the mix combined
4.The dough mix doesnt need to rest nor kneaded roughly,it turns them hard.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014



                    I made a couple of new friends here , but still its only couple of months since i moved too, i am less familiar to the new place.We finally had some guests came over for dinner..So i had a chance to cook something new and also able to share.We love sharing the food with loyal guests and friends.I spoke to fellow blogger who insisted to try some american dishes too.I am not fond of eating out here, most of them are over-priced,bland and unhealthy too..The food scene is completely different from india.I cannot step out to indulge a plate of chat or panipuri. Even if i do,i dont get impressed easily.When i went out first time ,i ordered the caramel latte in Starbucks.I knew its not the real caramel flavor,it is just a mix  boom of chemical concoctions.I have made and tasted caramel many times, I cannot be fallen for deceptive food thats easily available.Of course , the food babe like food enthusiasts are tagging the war against food chains for choosing artificial and unhealthy ingredients .I could see over the years,the groceries are labelled more clearly now.From juice to granola bars ,they have mentioned "Naturally flavored","Made with real food/ real ingredients" in the front cover that could be visibly seen.

           Lasagna is a wholesome meal that needs the method of sauteing,cooking and baking...It is almost like biryani ,you need almost all the ingredients from the counter and a bit of long process.The most hesitating part on trying this dish is the lasagna sheets must be perfectly cooked,it should not be under-cooked nor soggy.The vegetables and the marinara sauce are piquant along with the rapturous chessy base gives the blend of taste in festivity.

Lasagna sheets-10 to 12
Medley of vegetables ,chopped -2+1/2 cup
(Zucchini,Broccoli,Cabbage,Bell peppers,Basil)
Garlic,minced-4 cloves
Tomato puree-2 cups(28 oz)
(Blanched ,de-skinned and pureed)
Bechamel sauce-2 cups(For recipe ,Click here)
Italian three cheese blend-1 cup
Oregano-1 tsp
Pepper-1 tsp
Olive oil-2 tbsps


1.Heat a pan , add the oil and sprinkle the minced garlic
2.Saute until the raw flavor goes off ,add-in the chopped vegetables 
3.Saute the vegetables for couple of minutes,add in the tomato puree
4.Close the lid and allow it to cook for 5-6 minutes
5.Once the vegetables are half cooked,sprinkle the oregano,salt and pepper.
Saute it for another minute and Set aside to cool.

6.Preheat the oven for 350 F and prepare the bechamel sauce as mentioned here

7.Using any form of rectangle or square baking pan , so the sheets can fit in without overlapped,so the steam reaches all sides to let the sheet cook well.

8. Spread half cup of the tomato sauce on the baking pan and arrange the three sheets on top ,Spread the half cup of Bechemal sauce on top of the sheet,Sprinkle some cheese followed by half cup of tomato sauce.Layer the sheets on it and repeat the whole process.
(The Layers will be= Tomato Sauce+Sheets+Bechemal Sauce+Cheese+Tomato Sauce+Sheets)
Sprinkle leftover cheese on top and cover it with aluminum foil tightly.
9.Bake it in the oven for 30 minutes and Remove and let it stand for 5 more minutes before serving.
10.Cut them into nine 3x3 inch of lasagna

You can replace the tomato puree with readymade tomato or marinara sauce.
To add less cheese ,sprinkle it only on top of the final lasagna sheets as I did.
Make sure the sauce is not too runny ,otherwise the lasagna turns soggy.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Kandarappam / கந்தரப்பம்

Kandarappam is one of the most important delicacy in chettinad cuisine.For any festival ,the meal will not be complete without this sweet appam.It is not very easy nor too tricky,the batter should be thick enough to pour and the frying time is very less than other delicacy.I have tried couple of times,it didnt work somewhere , the appam looks unique with crispy edges and puffed up into spongy center.If anyone tasted this appam,they will like this for sure.But if people try some of the traditional dishes,It should turn out well as made traditionally in chettinad.

Raw rice-3/4 cup
Urad dal-2 tbsps
Parboiled rice-2 tbsps
Coconut,grated-3 tbsps
Jaggery-1/2 cup
Karuppatti-1/2 cup
Cardamon powder-1/2 tsp
Water-1/2 cup


1.Wash and soak both the rice and the dal for two hours.
2.Mix karuppatti and jaggery with half cup of water.Boil it until everything gets melted.Add the cardamon powder and let it cool.

2.Add the rice to the blender and Filter the jaggery syrup directly to it.Grind it to smooth batter like idli batter.Heat an iron pan with a cup of oil/When the oil is hot,pour the batter with hallow ladle ,keeping ladle an inch away.

3.The appam will cook one side in 15 seconds raises on top ,flip the appam and cook for another 30 seconds.It will not take much time to cook.

1.Use enough of oil to allow the appam to float on top, otherwise the appam will stick to the kadai
2.Using karuppatti gives the best taste than using whole jaggery..
3.Cook appam one by one and the batter doesnt need to ferment.
4.Use quality rice to make this appam,otherwise it turns very rubbery

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