Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kids Lunch Box Ideas

                                                                           Making toddlers eat healthy Indian food is tedious job for many mothers.I know how kids make big fuss on eating regular comfort food.I do get lot of inquiry for what i packed for school lunch and did she finished it.Some child make big fuss on eating certain food and other kind make fuss in eating itself.If the kid has low appetite,the reasons could be many like taken too much medicines for cold or less physical activity or illness. Every mom have tough time feeding the kids.The kids should be feed with liquid to semisolid and solid food.For all kids,rice,dal,fruits and vegetables should be the primary food.If you feed chips or other junk food for snacking,the kid will not eat the food on time.Once in a while, giving a mix of dry ginger,pepper and cumin powder will induce the appetite for the kids.Plan a menu with their favorite dishes,and feed them on time.Sometimes toddlers will bring the food back from school.For those kids, you can send two slices of bread and a serving of fruits.Once the kid returns from school,you should feed the rice or chappathi.You can make Bread with nutella or jam,Poori or chappathi for their lunch box.A bowl of curd rice or paruppu(dal) rice with ghee can be given too.You can pack lemon rice or any non sticky rice dish for lunch.Here is the list of lunch box (no mess) recipes 

To find recipes ,click on the dish name!

Channa Veg roll

Veg Frankie 

description here

Mayo Sandwich

description here

Cheese Toast 

description here


description here

Foot Long

description here

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