Friday, August 29, 2014

Rava ladu - Vinayagar Chathurthi

Hope you had enough of kozhukattais for vinayagar chathurthi...I made this yesterday,so i dont need to rush on chathurthi day.The rava laddu can be stored for a month.

Rava-1 cup
Sugar-1/4 cup
Water-1/3 cup
Cashew nuts n raisins-2 tbsps
Cardamon powder-few pinches
Ghee/Oil-2 tbsps

1.Dissolve sugar in water  and microwave(boil) it for 3-4 minutes
2.Heat a pan,add oil and fry nuts .raisins until it turns crispy 
3.Add the rava to the pan and roast  in medium flame for 6-7 minutes 
4.Add the sugar syrup to the rava and stir it without lumps
5.Cool the rava mixture for a while and shape them into equal size balls

வினாயகனே வினை தீர்ப்பவனே வேழமுகத்தோனே ஞால முதல்வனே (வினாயகனே) குணானிதியே குருவே சரணம் குறைகள் களைய இதுவே தருணம் (வினாயகனே) 
உமாபதியே உலகம் என்றாய் ஒரு சுற்றினிலே வலமும் வந்தாய் கண நாதனே மாங்கனியை உண்டாய் கதிர் வேலவனின் கருத்தில் நின்றாய் (வினாயகனே)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bang Bang Mushroom

The mushroom with stuffing is a good appetizer for any party .Those who have missed eating it in restaurants,I am sure,you will enjoy this one.I recreated this recipe myself with the left over mushrooms, this one is killer starter for any party.Though some says its a messy job and long process.But i like making it and serve it hot.

Mushroom-4-5 nos
Onion,chopped-1 cup
Tomato,chopped-1 cup
Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
Garam masala-1/2 tsp
Coriander leaves-,chopped-2 tbsps
Salt and pepper- each 1/2 tsp
Any cheese-4 tbsps
Bread crumbs-1 cup

For paste
Cornflour-2 tbsp
All purpose flour-2 tbsp
Pinch pf salt
Oil to deep fry

For Stuffing
1.Wash the mushrooms and trim off the stems and set aside
2.Chop the steams into fine pieces
3.Heat a pan,add a tsp of oil,saute onion till it turns pink and then add tomatoes
4.Once the tomatoes are cooked,add the turmeric and garam masala powder 
5.Add the chopped mushroom stems,saute for a minute ,add salt and pepper and finish off the cooking
6. Mix the paste ingredients and set aside
7.Spread the bread crumbs on a plate
8.Fill the stuffing into the center of mushroom and with cheese
9.Dip the mushroom gently in the paste and
roll the mushroom in bread crumbs
10.Deep fry the mushroom for a minute in each side
11.Place them in kitchen tissue and serve it with tomato ketchup

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Vella (Sweet) Seedai - Krishna Jayanthi Prasadam

Those who have read atleast few chapters of bhagavad gita ,doesnt need pile of books.Those who said god and vedas are imaginary,we know their damn stories. The Gita is a doctrine of universal truth..Nothing is beyond or below before God.I am glad to share good things in life and be positivist..I made this sweet version next day,it is similar to uppu seedai.Replace the water with jaggery syrup while grinding the rice.

Parboiled Rice -1 cup
Jaggery-1/2 cup
Oil-1/2 cup
Roasted chana dal powder-3 -5 tbsps

1.Soak rice in water for three hours.
2.Mix jaggery and 1/3 cup of water and boil it
3.Filter the jaggery water and use it to grind the rice into fine batter
4.Add the dal powder and form the soft dough
5.Make seedai/small balls with it and deep fry it low flame
6.Fry until all the bubbling stops(6 to 7 minutes)

Happy Krishna Jayanthi

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Uppu Seedai - Krishna Jayanthi Prasadam

During my childhood,my friend vidya invited me for sai bhajans that happened close to our homes in my hometown.We do some service ,singing bhajans during thursday and sunday evenings.Once I saw a picture of baba carrying krishna in his hands.I just kept staring at the picture,I asked someone why baba carrying krishna in hands.The crowd got the attention and started stirred up discussions.Finally my neighbor aunty humbly told the picture means both baba and krishna are same.I adore krishna is every picture and in every way he melts my heart even whenever i just start thinking of him...Krishna avatharam,Bhagavad gita and his blessings are precious and those are real testimony for Hinduism. This year krishna's birthday is on august 17th.Every year,I celebrate this festival at my family friend's home.Shilpa's mom makes many dishes from scratch and beautiful little krishna stands in the center,while all his favourite snacking food rowed from all three sides.Around 8pm,We do the arathi and finish the pooja.Then,the actual fun part starts,the kids(we) taste all the snacks and tease aunty which one tastes good or not.Whenever i try to make seedai at home,i had diwali in my kitchen..This time,I tried with different recipe and it came out well..

Idly rice/Parboiled rice-1 cup
Roasted chana dal-3 tbsps
Salt-1 tsp
Butter,softened-1 tbsp
Hing-1/4 tsp
Oil-1/2 cup

 1.Take Idly rice/Pulungal arisi ,wash 2-3 times and soak for three hours with 3 cups of water
2.Drain the water thoroughly and add the rice to mixie jar and grind it into fine paste ,adding 2 to 3 tsps of water.Make finly grinded thick rice batter( u could roll small balls with it)

 3.Heat the pan in medium flame,roast the chana dal (pottukadalai) for 2-3 minutes until it turns very crispy.
4.Allow it to cool and grind it into fine powder,Sieve the powder and set aside

5.Add the hing ,2 to 3 tbsps of  pottukadai flour,salt and butter to the grinded rice dough and knead the dough gently.If you are adding black sesame seeds(2 tsps),add them now

6.Apply oil in a plate and in your hands.Start rolling into balls or cylindrical.
7.Fry 10 to 12 seedais in low flame ,until it turns crispy..

I have taken a video on frying seedai,click here

1.If you are trying for first time,use the smallest cup for measuring rice.
2.Make the ingredients free from dirt and stone before using it
3.It takes nearly 4 minutes to cook,wait until all bubbling stops
4.Cylindrical shapes are easy and faster to cook than the balls and less oil is used to fry them
5.To avoid bursting,keep the flame very low as much as possible.I kept my stove mark between 3&4
6.If the pan is too hot,switch off and cool it down.Start frying again with low heat.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Walnut sticky buns

Sticky buns are old fashioned dessert ,only in few places sells them here.And there will be a long queue to buy during summer.The dough has to rest for overnight and the buns must be consumed in single day..I just wanted to give a try to find whats the hype behind it.It was over as soon as i made it.I didnt take stepwise pictures(i was too lazy that day) and the method is as same as you do the cinnamon rolls.You can check my previous post here.These sticky buns are much sticky on bottom .So you should serve it upside down,so the filling plays the sticky role.

As per wikipedia - Sticky buns also have a Germanic origin and were originally known as "Schnecken". The Pennsylvania Dutch introduced Schnecken in the United States. Wherever 18th-century German settlers (such as the Pennsylvania Dutch) went, sticky buns have remained long after many other cultural traits have disappeared

All purpose flour- 3+1/2 cups
Brown sugar-3 tbps
Salt-1 tsp
Lukewarm milk-1 cup
Instant dried yeast-2 tsps
Egg yorks-2
Butter-150 gms

Walnuts-3/4 cup,roasted and chopped
Dates-3/4 cup,chopped
Butter-150 gms
Brown sugar-1 cup
Ground cinnamon -2 tsps
Ground ginger-1 tsp
Zest of lemon-1 tsp

1.Put 3+1/4 cup of flour and all the remaining dry ingredients in a large bowl and mix it
2.Whisk the milk,egg and egg yolks and pour it over the flour mix
3.Gently beat in the butter to the dough for 2 minutes and scrap the bowl
4.Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight
5.Remove the dough from fridge an hour early before you roll
6.To make the filling,combine all ingredients to make a fine paste
7.Roll out the dough on a floured surface into a rectangle 40cm*20cm
8.Spread the filling evenly and roll up from the long side to form a log
9.Cut into 12 to 15 rounds and place on a rectangle tray lined with parchment paper
10.Let the rolls rest for 10 minutes and bake for 15 minutes in a preheated oven for 180*C

Best served on the day of making

I have received mails from some of you,I am glad to see my readers like my recipes and trying them and also letting me know it.How wonderful people are..I am glad to see people are cooking and baking along with me.Thank you for sharing and appreciating the good things in life with me...

Friday, August 08, 2014

Varagu Arisi pongal - வரகு அரிசி பொங்கல்


                                        I have started cooking with millets which i got from india..The millets are very healthy,lighter and not costly which were used in ancient period....Ever since, I  read aaram thinai article in anandha vikatan , I wanted to try thinai,varu,samai millets and include it in my regular cooking.I have made arisi upma,ven pongal and curd rice with thinai.Thinai tastes like parboiled rice and varagu tastes like raw rice.Obviously it is to easy to cook and tastes better than rice.Millets are such a boom in food industry,a kilo of varagu rice costs some forty rupees and comes for one week as rice substitute for two persons...The varagu arisi pongal can be made same as arisi pongal except more water is used to cook varagu arisi (1:3)

To wash the millets,add some running water to millet and drain it.Wash it 3-4 times to remove the dust and dirts.Dont use strainer as millet will spill.

Varagu arisi-1 cup
Moong dal-2 tsps
Water-3 cups
Jaggery-3/4 cup,grated
Ghee/Oil-2 tsps
Cashews-a few
Cardamon-1-2 nos

1.Heat a pan ,add oil ,saute the arisi for two minutes and then add the moong dal
2.Saute the dal for a minute.Meanwhile,crush the cardamon
3.Add the cardamon and cashews to them,saute until cashew is well fried
4.Add the water and cook it for 10 minutes in medium flame
5.Dissolve the jaggery in half cup of water,boil it and strain the syrup
6.Once the rice is well cooked ,stir in the syrup
7.Once,the pongal thickens ,its ready to serve

Since the festival season is beginning ,its time to make this dish and enjoy the feast...

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Idiyappam /String Hoppers

                                  Idiyappam means mostly i remember my mom's place.She got a small wooden press with copper plate.She does it along with idli steaming on other side and whenever i try to stand next to her to watch the process,she finishes it sooner and wipe the place.On other side,my dad (doctor) get the calls from patients(who are in dialysis or underwent surgery) asking what they supposed to eat.My dad in milder tone says idly or idiyappam.This happens almost every day.Is this the food are we walking towards to??.The food must be taken before Aaaadi adangum moone period.Wont those instant noodles or dry version of sevai are considered forever??...Fast forward the scene at my home,I tried once for lunch and dinner.It was such a pain stacking job to press the dough out of tiny holes and the process , i never ever want to try it again.My hubby says why you want to try it when you can always buy them.So my mom loves her pethi comes running for second serving because her daughter never makes it.But i know i make it one day in a jiff like my mom ,it hardly takes 15 minutes(believe me it does).

Idiyappam flour-1 cup
Water-1+ 1/4 cup
Salt-1/4 tsp
Oil-3-4 tbsps
Sevai press

The idiyappam press which i use.I apply sesame oil all over before i use it.I always open the underneath and fill the dough,since it will be easily , quick and mess free


1.Boil the water with salt and oil
2.Once the bubble starts at bottom(not on top)
3.Switch off the flame and add the flour
4.Use the thick wooden or steel ladle and stir for a minute
5.The flour gets along with water and forms a dough
6.Apply oil in hands and make three or four giant cylindrical
7.Fill the press with single ball and squeeze it in steamer plate 
8.Steam it for 7 to 10 minutes in low flame
9.Press one of the string to find it is cooked or not
10.Remove the steamer plates,rest it for 2 -3 minutes and scoop them out
11.Scramble the idiyappam,1/2 cup of coconut and little bit of sugar and enjoy the feast

To make idiyappam in bamboo plates,

1.Soak the plates in water for half an hour
2.Apply oil on each plate,squeeze the dough all over making thin layer
3.Put a small flat bowl upside down in steamer,place the plate and steam it for 5 minutes
(it steams faster)
4.If you have 3-4 plates,the process is easily.Once the dough is ready,squeeze it in each plate and leave it aside,Steam them one by one.Stock the cooked idyappam in an air tight box and make as many dishes as you like.

1.Once the dough is ready,finish squeezing as soon as possible
2.Apply oil in hands and in press to do mess free job
3.I dont recommend plain rice flour for this dish, u should try with idiyappam flour which comes handy in many brands.
4.If you want to make more quantity ,make upto two cups of flour and repeat the process
5.If the dough is dried out by any chance,steam it as cylindical form for 2-3 minutes and use it again.

Please dont ignore this dish,its easily digestible and kids will love it.

Happy feasting!!

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