Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Finally i cracked down a recipe for perfect feathery appam.I tried lots of recipes and this one is good too.The number of ingredients is more,but each one gives the right justice for tasty appam..Go ahead and try this version,and open up ur own appakadai!!..Enjoy!

Raw rice-500gms
Urad dal-100gms
Coconut,grated-2 cups
Cooked rice-1 cup
Sugar-3 tbsps
Salt-3/4 tbsp
Water-2 litres


1.First,soak raw rice ,urad dal and fenugreek seeds for three hours
2.Add the coconut ,cooked rice and a cup of water to grinder/blender and grind to smooth paste
3.Add the soaked raw rice,urad dal ,and fenugreek seeds to grinder along with coconut-cooked rice mixture
4.Once the batter is smooth ,add rest of the ingredients  sugar & salt and store in closed lid
5.Use bigger container to allow the batter to ferment and rise.
6.Keep the container in warm place to ferment,add baking soda to batter just 1/2 an hour before making the appams.

7.To make appam,add generous amount water to the batter that can easily spread over in hot kadai

8.To make flower appam,pour 3/4 cup of batter in center and allow it to run two edges diagonally..Close the lid and set in medium flame (30 seconds) .

1.Using non stick appam kadai is easy way and never use the kadai for other purpose of cooking.
2.To store the batter for long duration,donot add the sugar and salt.Just store the batter in refrigerator until u need it.
3.Dont store the batter added with baking soda, it will froths and overflow from the container
4.Adding fenugreek seeds gives wonderful brown color to appams
5.For making good batter which is most important for porous and feathery appams cooked in no time.
6.A freshly made coconut milk can accompany well with the appam,
and a veg stew /mutton stew is a must try combo.
7.To make low calorie coconut milk,use (maggi) coconut powder mixed with water milk 

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  1. wow.. pakkavey supera irukku.. parcel anuppunga pls..

  2. Wow, love the shape of this appam, its been ages i had this incredible food;.

  3. Lovely looking apam with coconut milk. My idea of a fulfilling breakfast.

  4. Those flower appams look awesome.I too love making this shape.I follow a different recipe though.Must try with fenugreek and urad dal next time.

  5. Very cute. Flower appam! :)

  6. wow .. they look gorgeous and super tempting


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