Sunday, May 26, 2013

Summer Cooler

 Summer Cooler - A prefect blend of melon , cucumber and mint quencher gives a red signal to excessive thristy.... I bet if this drink cant keep you cool,nothing can!!

Watermelon pulp-2 cups
Cucumber slices-1 cup
Mint-10 leaves
Sugar -1 tsp(optional)
Ice cubes-2-3 nos
Water-1/2 cup

1.Throw all the ingredients into blender and pulse it 
2.Filter the juice with stainer and serve chilled

Usually i dont filter fruit juices for its fiber goodness,but this one makes a difference if i dont filter it..You will get hardly a tbsp of chunks left in strainer,so go ahead make the drink and Enjoy the summer!


  1. Beautiful color priya! !! Rightly named as summer cooler! !!

  2. The perfect thirst quencher to beat the heat

  3. Colour of the drink itself is very catchy,prefect summer drink.

  4. perfect summer drink.n colour was just attracting..

  5. Wowww look itself seems so refreshingggg,thanks for visiting my place do check back often,glad to meet such a yummyy blog :)


Thank you

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