Thursday, May 09, 2013

Sukh Sagar

If  you have seen people sipping the sambar with spoons in chennai, it must be one of the places like i 've visted for CFG showcase- Sukh sagar,the udupi restaurant re-opened in kilpauk.Of course this sagar is well known for its deep-red colored sweet sambar...

To my surprise,the restaurant carried a chinese cuisine as well as south and north indian dishes...Of course,Chinese food is becoming more popular and must have in indian restaurants...The above picture is manchow soup,which was too spicy for me..

For course of starters-chilli paneer was served-Not too great to taste...

Achari Paneer is not over spiced,but delicious

My favourite was this grilled mushrooms-the mushroom was stuffed with nuts and dipped in batter and grilled 

I am not fond of chats,but this place seems to be a hell heaven of chats..
Almost all the chats served was too good...

The paav bhaaji is one of the best...
The pav is so soft ,light like a feather(unbelievably) and bhaaji was mildly spiced...

The veg sandwich served was too heavy to munch on,but of course it tasted yum.

One of the prime dish., most south indian would love to have..The udupi idli and sambar is not same as in tamilnadu cuisine...The owners promised us all the ingredients are from karnataka and they dont compromise with the local ingredients..The taste speaks through it and I loved every sip of my sambar.. :)

The falooda seemed to be disappointing,but the chocolate sundae and the rest of the icecream sundaes were too good to have and there were no indian desserts served on the day..

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  1. I have learnt from experience. Never have chinese food in a udupi restaurant. And I guess vice versa. But wisely chinese restaurants never have south indian food on their menu


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