Saturday, April 27, 2013

Detox smoothie

Nourish yourself with detoxifying ,antioxidant-packed drink is more tastier than it looks..Grab your blender and get ready for the healthy smoothie...

Recipe-Detox Smoothie
Celery-5 leaves
Cucumber,sliced-1 cup
Apple,sliced-1 cup
Yogurt-1 cup
Spinach-half cup
Avocado pulp-half cup
Milk/water-half cup
Salt-a pinch
Add all ingredients into a blender and pulse it for a minute.Serve chilled

Friday, April 26, 2013

Saffroni Aam Ras

Aam ras is such an easy way of eating the mango,one of the popular maharastrian dish .Aam ras served with poori tastes literally out of the world..I have used Alphonso mango and poori made with orangic multigrain atta from niligiris..Make the combo and enjoy!

Riped mango pulp-1 cup
Sugar-half tsp
Saffron-2-3 strands
1.Sock saffron in warm water for 2-3 minutes
2.Grind the pulp and sugar into fine paste
3.Add the saffron and water to aam raas,mix and store it in air tight container

The aam raas can be stored in refrigerator or in freezer 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rajdhani at Phoenix mall,Chennai-Restaurant review

Rajdhani , fine-dining restaurant and well known for its lavish rajasthani thali,recently opened its third branch in phoenix market city,velachery...We been invited through Chennaifoodguide .I been to rajdhani many times,its one of the favorite restaurant in chennai...Of course,I have taken all my best friends here for the standard quality and some generosity of food...

As said none of the dishes are repeated and 22464 delicacies were served in 72 different rotating menus..

The menu of the day is displayed at entrance which is the same for their branches all over india

                                                         After a pleasing and warm welcome

The keri phanna (smoky raw mango drink) and  a rich badam milk were served..

The chef Hemji discussed about the food and took us to the kitchen..Each dish is made in concerned care without the jiffy/fast food cooking style..Some of the dishes like jalebi made by experts, 
Dishes like Aam raas travels all the way from mumbai in rajdhani express train everyday!..

Phulkas are made by a team of workers using rolling hot tawa and a firing grill..

One of my favourite dish was dal bhaati churma...In a small plate,the dal curry is poured, with crispy dal vada is broken by hands,and churma -a sweet crumbles sprinkled on top and some generous amount of ghee is poured !!...Its just magnificent dish i ever had in rajasthani cuisine..

Nearly 72 dishes in a meal with different types of kadhi,subjis,rotis and desserts...

There is no ala carte to choose the dishes of our own and they offer business meals take-aways...The ambiance is wonderful and the service is at its best...

Check Chennaifoodguid to read more reviews 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Jasmine Lemonade

Beyond their beauty,the aroma of flowers can boost energy,tam tension and enhance our moods..Thats the reason most of the hindu rituals uses flowers during their prayers..The aromatic prasadam gives a divine taste combined with a hint of aroma of these flowers...Enjoy this drink to relive and refresh your senses without weighing you down!

Lemon juice-1 tbsp
Chilled water-100 ml
Sugar-1 tsp
Jasmine flowers-4-5
1.Make lemonade by mixing all the ingredients and add the flowers
2.Rest it for 3-4 minutes and serve chilled

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