Pizza Republic -Review

Recently Mr.Ramki, food blogger opened his new venture "Pizza republic" in taramani,chennai...A lot of foodies visited the place and shared their wonderful experiences in CFG..After series of not-so good dining experiences ,I wanted to try pizza republic for CFG showcase yesterday..After a hectic day ,the night turned out the best hangout in pizza republic..We traveled all the way to PR in mogapair and ordered a margarita before the showcase.We went and sat on upstairs where they served a hot and fresh pizza loaded with cheese and some extras..(onion,tomato and olives are free toppings!!)  Hansika likes pizza only with cheese and chicken as topping(oh! man),So I ended up eating them..:-)

As soon as you enter,you will be given a form to enter your choice of pizza...Place the order,pay the bill and after ten  minutes,a box of fresh pizza delivered to you.You can either do take away or have it there...The concept is so simple ,but the pizzas are the best and affordable...

Mr.Ramki made some interesting topping pizzas Xculsively for CFGians.. The pickle and mint chutney pizzas were fabuluous,We recommended it to include in the menu..

I like the thin crust pizzas and this was surprise to me,the mint chutney flavour was bursting out and i loved the new style of using mint chutney and the crust was so good to hold the flavors...The pickle pizza is not from the menu,the taste reminds me of having paratha with pickle...

The pizza pockets was so soft and delicious...of course it is an innovative creation by Ramkiji

We ordered almost ten different pizzas ,all of them was over soon as we were around 15 people...Then came cheese contest of who will get longest thread of cheese....The extra cheese pizza was loaded with two layers of cheese in between the base sauce

I loved the base sauce which was little spicy ,the ingredients were so fresh and what else you need in a pizza..Of course ,"the cheese" it just melts in your mouth..Pizza republic is planning to open lot of outlets around chennai...Check their facebook page and dont miss to enjoy the freshest pizza from PR!!


  1. Thanks a lot for informing about this wonderful pizza joint. Would surely visit here next weekend.

  2. Delicious Pizzas!!! looks so tempting!!! will try to visit this place next time I am in Chennai...
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