Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dulce Caramel Pudding

 I never made caramel pudding at home,since I have had this dessert almost every other day from child hood.This is the only dessert sometimes people make it frequently for all occasions with more eggy flavor..My mom makes this and feed me when i was fussy in eating..So,there were times,i had it as a meal ;-)

I tried it with Dulce de leche(reduced condensed milk),it came out perfect with more caramel flavor...

Dulce de leche-1 tin
(reduced condensed milk)
Sugar-1/4 cup to caramalize


1.To make Dulce de leche,Open the tin slightly to half tin and keep in a vessel..Use a double boiling method in pressure cooker on stove or in oven,Place the tin with vessel and cook it for 2-3 hours,
until it is caramelized

2.Beat the eggs with spoon,dont make it frothy.Filter if it has any froth or bubbles

3.Beat the dulce and the milk in beater and set aside

4.Melt the sugar in a pan in low flame,once it turns light brown in color ,pour it around the bottom of the pudding mould

5.Mix the milk and eggs and Pour it over the caramel

6.Cover the pan with the aluminium foil and cook it in a double boiler with lid closed for 20 to 25 minutes
7.Insert a knife or tooth pick ,if it comes out clean,its done
8.Bring it to room temperature and unmold the pudding in deep hallow plate/serving dish,so the sauce will be saved.
9.Refrigerate the pudding for atleast 2 hours for heavenly delicious caramel pudding

  • To set the double boiler,Pour water in the pan,place the pudding bowl in center and cover the entire pan with the lid..The water should be 3/4 th level of the pudding pan...To make it simple and easy,use a pressure cooker like i did.
  • I didnt use vanilla essence ,the pudding wasnt eggy and caramel flavor was on top notch in every bite of the pudding.


  1. Omg, wat a real feast to eyes, irresistible pudding Priya..my Best wishes for the bakers showcase, wishing you a wonderful sale.

  2. I'm grabbing a spoon and scooping some pudding now dear! Can't help myself from drooling...;)

  3. wow... so sinfully delicious!!!! would love to have a bite!!!
    Ongoing Event - Breakfast
    Ongoing Event - Tried and Tasted - Raks Kitchen

  4. I have made this a few times, its great.
    With regards to double boiling it in the cooker - do you seal the lid like for pressure cooking?

  5. Have made this a few times, it is great. I'm a poor cook, so do have a few problems wrt the double boiling, the water gets into the pudding sometimes and sometimes the top center of the pudding does to cook as well.
    With regards to double boiling it in the cooker - do you seal the lid as in pressure cooking?


Thank you

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