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Karupatti(palm jaggery) Adirasam - Tribute to Chef Jacob Aruni

I was an usual housewife who did regular cooking ,but god had other plans as always ..I took part in ancient cooking contest in which chef jacob supposed to come as judge,I did a lot of research work both in practical and theoretical methods on ancient cooking..A clue for many ancient ingredients were unknown..With my peanut size of brain,i won the contest...One of recipe i used is given by chef jacob -Ancient biryani(link here)...

Whenever i met him for past 3 years,as everyone says he is down to earth person and for me he is "A man lived with  for his own dreams.."I wish he lived longer and longer and still couldnt believe his sudden is sure a huge loss for south indian culinary field..He worked as consultant chef in many restaurants like Rassa ,Crimson chakka,Soul Curry ,Alapenos,Season and also in ISKCON..He also cooked in many gathering for 1000's of people.... He never carried a dish to fascinate the customers..the Rassa ,bkrishna sweets carried a basic and simple menu ,the food made with minimal ingredients as per ancient culture..When people needs the food entertained from around the world ,he is the one who brought back most popular dishes from southern mostamilnadu and cooked all his dishes with local ingredients...He worked for years togYether i research of ancient cooking and also emphasized the same in his own restaurant..His JACOB kitchen served five desserts which is purely found more than a century ago-The amirtha vadai/sweet vadai, kambu halwa,elaneer payasam and  mettukudi pudding..

The readers and chef jacob fans requested to share pictures of jacob....

Chef Jacob during Big FM-Children's day special,Nov,2010

When my child pranked with him..

Chef Jacob ,during his restaurant review of Jacob's Kichen by ChennaiFoodGuide facebook group

Chef Jacob during CFG(Chennaifoodguid) BBQ workshop:May,2012

and at last i met him in ChennaiFoodGuid group 8th Anniversary,Sep,2012 

During the last meet,I made him to speak with my husband who is actually fond of his food(Jacob's kitchen) who visited more than me... Chef questioned me back,atleast thrice( i remember) Ain't u coming there..I was in discomfort and went speechless...At last,i called him last week to convey a message his late mother is on tv..It was the sunday i made dough for adirasam and....... 

RIP,Chef Jacob Sir...

Karuppatti Adirasam

Rice flour-2 cups
Karupatti/palm jaggery-1 cup
Cardamon powder-1 tsp
Oil-1/3 cup
Oil to deep fry


1.Boil a cup of water and add karupatti ,allow ito melt
2.Strain the water and reheathe strup until iturns thick consistency

When syrup added in water it shoudnt melt away
3.Mix the flour with the syrup and  the 1/3 cup of oil

4.Stir without a pause to form a thick dough
5.Store the dough in fridge and can be used sooner or later

6.Grease a plantain leaf or a sheet,spread the dough with applying oil in hands ,
use a lid to make a round shape

7.Lifthe dough and deep fry in low flame until oil stops sizzling

8.Use 2 laddles and press the 2 sides of adirasam to release excess oil 

As it named adirasam,Its an perfecindulge with amazing taste(rasam) of rice and karuppatti...It is an apt substitute for jaggermethod.

1.Leave the adirasam dough atleast a day ,and the longer the duration  the taste will be much better 
and also with lesser in absorption of oil
2.Karupatti melts sooner and forms a thick consistency,so keep an eye while melting it


  1. Karupatti adhirasam superaa irruku Priya, wish i get this palm jaggery here..

    Btw wat a lovely tribute to the lively chef:),we definitely miss him.RIP Chef Jacob.

  2. RIP Chef.Jacob!

    Athirasam looks perfect priya!

  3. first time here. such a shame he died so young. i am still shocked and sad, been a dull week. Cannot believe how food connects ppl, i hv never met him, yet I am very sorry about his death :( may his soul rest in peace. Do stop by when u get to

  4. oh I loved Jacob's shows.. and this athirasam is looking so good!!

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  5. May his soul RIP.
    Adhirasam looks perfectly done dear. Happy Diwali to u and family.

  6. Nice tribute & a delicious recipe :)
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  7. It is really sad Priya! May his soul rest in peace...
    Very nicely made adhirasams

  8. Never tried karuppatti adhirasam. Nice twist priya. Yum

  9. Great article Priya.An amaing tribue to Chef Jacob.He was a very unique human being and a wondeful chef.Loved his shows.May his soul rest in peace.

  10. Priya well said abt him n thks for sharing his rare pictures. Yeah definitely we miss him a lot
    let his soul rest in peace!!!
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Thank you

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