Sunday, October 14, 2012

EAT – Enjoy(ed) Arusuvai Thiruvizha

One of the biggest food festival conducted by rotary club of chennai,which served 100+ food from all over the country ,so as all the roads cars leads to besant nagar-elliots beach....the three day event was huge success with an amazzzing spread of most popular indian dishes...All the foodies were so excited all over(I must tell you, most of eat joints looked empty due to this event)It was good to see people having fun with food,all the families(of course,mine) gathered there all for a plate of something hot and delicious delicacies...

Nearly 100 iindian chefs/cooks were brought by rotary for this event and SRM caterers took in charge of delivering the food...the row of beautiful dome shaped tents,(clean) service while each row of stalls had common like- Parotta row served 4-5 different types of parottas,and same for kebabs,dosas,chats,rice, Bombay chats,main courses and sweets..there were many dishes which i/many haven't  imagined that i will get in chennai with authentic taste..thanks a million for rotary club for doing a big and best job..

I saw a father of 2 teenages feeding a spoon of hot and fresh trunelveli halwa to his wife first time (as said by his wife) and a elderly couple was in josh to try the putharekulu first time in chennai,One of the toughest andhra sweet to be made at home

the first counter served the mangalore dosa with a yummy spread (Kashmir chilly and garlic chutney)..the taste still lingers in my tongue...

No matter what,90% of the food was freshly made 

Kalaki omelet which is famous in madurai

Vada pav from mumbai

I have tried this MLA pesarattu,waited in queue for ten minutes,but completely worth it..

Padurpeni with badam milk - dalda free and super fresh ones...

       I never heard of this andhra sweet(made with rice,jaggery and cardamon.It was hard,chewy and quit addictive!

The cause of this event to contribute money for "Happy village" project in rotary club,which will adopt 100's of villages all over tamilnadu for rural development ...And with the pay of just 500 rupees per person,we have tasted most of the food all over India for 3 days..What could i ask for more as a foodie??...May be a better venue ( it took lot of time to reach)


  1. Ooh thats a feast to the eye. So u enjoyed the event. And just 500 rs. That iis really cheap. Wish i was there. Foodies always love these kind of events.lucky girl.

  2. Wish I attended this!!! All this looks so fun!!!
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  3. Seriously am missing all these fabulous events, am jealous you know.


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