Sunday, September 09, 2012

Eggless Chocolate Cake

There is lot of demand for eggless baking which i never heard of before..Many people requests for eggless cake recipes through this blog..I have tried recipes without eggs for cakes which has comes out really good and very easy too..One of the best thing on eggless baking is you dont need a hand beater and no careful folding of batter...Though i have many recipes on eggless baking,I want to try this one which is making a big round in many magazines here..The AD for nestle milkmaid had a huge chocolate cake slice picture really took my breath for a minute.During my recent visit to bangalore,i received a booklet on the same too..Omg,Luks like this recipe is chasing teasing me to bake.. :)

Milkmaid-half tin(200gms)
Milk-1/2 cup(75ml)
Dahi-100 ml
Butter-100 gms(at room temp)
Flour-1 cup(100 gms)
Cocoa-50 gms
Baking Soda-1 tsp(I used half tsp)
Walnuts,chopped-1/2 cup


 Beat the butter and nestle dahi until light and creamy

Seive flour,cocoa and baking soda

Fold the flour in the mix,alternating with milk and condensed milk

Fold in the walnuts/cashews and pour into greased tin

Bake in preheated oven for 25-30 minutes @ 170*C till tooth pick inserted in the comes out clean
Allow it to cool for 5 minutes and then remove from the tin 

For the Chocolate icing
Condensed milk-1/4 tin
butter-50 gms
Cocoa-4 tbsps
Just mix all of them to smooth icing

Here is my verdict on the recipe and the cake...
I did expected the cake will be little chewy since it had condensed milk...But the recipe is very clever proportions...It was equally balanced with the butter,sweetness and the rest...The cake is more dense,light,moist and fudgy..It holds the flavor of cocoa ,and to surprise it is not sweeter in taste..


  1. This cake looks splendid Priya...Even i substitute with milkmaid often..Cheers !

  2. I too tried the same way long back but i made as vanilla cake. will try this..

  3. I have never used milkmaid in cakes...Shall keep this inmind when I think of next time. Looks soft

  4. Thats a fabulous and super moist cake,beautifully done.

  5. Awesomw cake Priya.Loved your description and I too want to make it ASAP...

  6. For an eggless's thumbs up Priya..

  7. Wow awesome!! Looks too delectable dear :)

  8. Super moist cake.. I always prefer eggless version,perfectly make it!!

  9. very delicious looking matter how many cakes i bake, i always tend to get drawn to newer recipes

  10. Yummy, love cake and baked goodies in general and chocolate is my fav one. Looks amazing and quite easy to do.

  11. I love this eggless version..super!..Priya if u wish u can link it to the Kid's Delight event at my page.

  12. Yummy cake.. Loved this eggless version of chocolate cake..

    Divya's Culinary Journey

  13. Looks wonderful Priya, pls promise to bring this along the next time we meet..


Thank you

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