Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tuscana's Gluten-free pizza and Sandy's OMG

Finally,It was a week away from blogging..The last weekend was a memorable one..The memorable weekend was super fun,we went for long drive and did some shopping for organic products.Later,friday evening i went go Tuscana at KNK road for CFG's showcase..On Saturday,a gang of us went to try sandy's OMG...Here is the update back to back,before i hop into BM recipes tomorrow...

Nearly 25 people gathered for the review from CFG in Tuscana(KNK road)which is the first restaurant to introduce gluten free food in chennai,I guess we all know about gluten..If not,here is the quick update
"Gluten is a protein composed in flour to give flexibility and texture to the food"....Its not harmful to us,but the gluten is allergic to some people (10% of the world population) and should be avoided by celiac disease sufferers

As soon as i went ,i got a paper which describes about the gluten-free pizzas and the pastas...I didnt check about the ingredients and went first to check how it tastes...which always matters to me :)

Its a veg cheese pizza made with gluten-free ingredients....The base was little hard and the topping was the usual version from tuscana...So,the taste was very familar since its made with local ingredients...

The pizza base is made with millet flour,potato starch and tapioca and no yeast!..They served alfredo pasta made with rice flour...Gluten-free pasta was so soft,shiny and delicious..I couldnt skip with one more serving and it has really worked...

Lets move on to Sandy's,I am sure ,u will say OMG soon like i did :)
On last saturday,I went for an long drive to a farm house much away from the city..Around five,we started back to reach the city,as i promised a few to visit Sandy's in Wallace garden road ,nugambamkkam.
Sandy is one of the finest,ever rocking cafe which serves "The" best chocolate desserts in chennai...Not sure,why i am not self visiting these places to post a review here B-)

A huge ceramic bowl was placed on the table with the cracker...We all stood up ,scattered and gave some attention to the dessert...

OMG is a huge portion of dessert served by one,but i guess it cannot eaten by one..Of course,u will love to share this bowl with many...The bowl had many layers
 (from top)
200gms of whipped cream,
600 ml of Chocolate and vanilla icecreams,
3 Cookies,
100 gms of Chocolate Cake,
2 Brownies and
300 ml of Three differents Sauce(Caramel,Milk and Dark Chocolate) piped from top to bottom 

So,what else you want? :-P

Within ten minutes,almost we finished the bowl,I loved the brownies and the icecream sticking on the bottom...I took the pledge to clear the bowl without a dot.. :-P

Finally,Sandesh reddy,man behind the Sandy's arrived..He was as cool like his desserts..He complimented some cupcakes for us..We started asking him how he found this OMG and how many of them ate this...and also about the single serving experiences ;-)...Sandesh shared us the whole progress of Sandy's and also we made a visit to his kitchen and official areas...It was indeed an exciting evening for me to try OMG 

OMG costs Rs.1100/- ,it was such an amazing dessert..We were around 6-7 people for the game...


Thank you

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