Saturday, August 04, 2012

Peanuts Poricha kulambu/Verkadalai Poricha Kulambu

I dont make more of any tamarind based kulambu at home since no one eats likes it except me...but they like groundnuts in any form,no day ends without having a bite of kadalamittai for them......I decided to try the verkadala kulambu...i got this recipe from a palakkad iyer...this kulambu is not all about tangy taste,it balances all the tanginess with other flavors...Along with peanuts,i have used raw banana and drumstick..

Raw/Unroasted peanuts(soaked and precooked)-1 cup
Raw banana,chopped-1
Tamarind-one lemon size
Sambar powder-1 tsp
Channa dal/Kadala paruppu-2 tbsp
Broken urad dal/Ulutham paruppu-1 tsp
Peppercorns-half tsp
Red chillies-4
Coconut-4 tbsps
Salt to taste
Oil-2 tbsps


Add the groundnut,raw banana and drumstick in a pan

Soak the tamarind and extract the pulp and add it along with the sambar powder..
Cook in medium flame until it becomes soften

Roast the channa dal,urad dal,red chillies,pepper and grind to fine paste with coconut and some water

 Add the paste and salt to the vegetables and bring to boil

In another pan,add oil,saute,mustard,asafoedia, onion and curry leaves

Season it ,finally its done!!

About the ground nuts,u can use fresh unroasted ones..The store bought ground nuts should be soaked over night and then pressure cooked..If the groundnuts are fresh ,cook them directly with a dash of salt..Dont add the uncooked peanuts to tamarind water,it wont get cooked...
Soak the tamarind and peanuts separately and also roast the dals the previous night for a hassle-free morning cooking ...


  1. Verkadalai kulambu is very new to me.. Looks yummy and rich :)

  2. Very new and interesting recipe. Love the way u made it

  3. What an interesting dish.. I've never used whole peanuts as the main ingredient in a dish -- looks and sounds delicious.

  4. Delicious and healthy looking kulambu. Wonderfully prepared.

  5. What a wonderful gravy this is..I haven't tasted yet..too tempting to resist.

  6. What a wonderful gravy this is..I haven't tasted yet..too tempting to resist.

  7. We make this during the crop season..relish it with rice!

  8. I love poriccha kuzhambu and this version is new to me. Will try it for sure..

  9. My mouth is watering here dear! This is not done...pass me a plate please! :)

  10. Very yummy, I love the combo of vegetables in this along with the peanuts..

  11. Never used peanuts in gravy. The kulambu looks so delicious...

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  13. very flavorful gravy and would be great when paired with any kinda of crispy rotis:)

  14. different recipe... Hi dear first time to your blog... you've got a lovely collection of recipes... following you... do visit & follow me

  15. I make poricha kulambu but not with peanuts as the star ingredient.. Good idea


Thank you

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