Sunday, August 26, 2012


I cannot begin a day without a sip of my coffee...I do love coffee a lot like every south indian....Guess,How many hours we have spent in Coffee day with this?..As no one is bothered about a gang of ladies,when lot of stories and gossips to talk,in between some brownies and cappuccinos to pamper the spirits :) Would u loved those days??..But I dont think CCD is still good,it is over crowded and so noisy(sounds more like some bhavan hotels ,huh..)..Cappuccino is a form of italian coffee..A Rich Creamy Froth holds the warmth for long time,which is the best thing of cappuccino.. this is my own was years back when no milk was on stock,we had friends came home at oddly hours..My husband insisted to open amul fresh cream tetra pack and add some water to make some coffee..When i boiled, it turned to be a cappuccino....Later ,i  did some experiments by adding water/milk to it,whenever i need some proud  creamy mustache  :-) ..So,finally here is the recipe of homemade cappuccino from me....

Amul Fresh Cream,small pack-1
Fresh Milk-1/2 cup
Sugar-2-3 tsps
Bru/Instant coffee-1 tsp
Drinking Chocolate-to dust


1.Chill the fresh cream in the pack and bring ito boil with 1/4 cup of milk

Add sugar in a cup,followed b some coffee powder

Add remaining 1/4 cup of milk and mix it with rest of the milk

Pour the coffee in serving cup and dust some drinking chocolate..
the recipe can yield two full cups of cappuccino


  1. It's addictive!! isn't it:) Glad you enjoyed it too..

  2. Iam a caffeine addict!cappuchino looks slurpy!

  3. Priya,this is simple torture..I am so much tempted..Truly worth Priya.

  4. Priya,this is simple torture..I am so much tempted..Truly worth Priya.

  5. Omg, wish to start my day with this cappucino..i want it rite now.

  6. looks super tempting..n I too have the same coffee mug:))

  7. Not a big coffee fan, but your cappuccino looks frothy & delicious.

  8. I always have one when I go to Italian restaurant!

  9. love the creamy capacino. thanks for sharing. Nice clicks priya

  10. I love this from CCD..guess we can make it better at home as well..


Thank you

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