Sunday, June 03, 2012

Eggless Mango Mousse

Finally the summer vacation is over…It been hectic with commitments and also having toddlers at home ,it was breath taking…Wish i had more time to spend a day,of course while i am working towards the target..Somehow,i am done with my commitments…And June is here with much more expectations from me,a very calm and organised home and i should get tired of complete rest..haahaa…

Photography is my passion,i use my cam more than my phone and TV…But i never had so much time to explore with the light and food…Last ten days (before this shoot),i didn't click at all..So,I made a setup of my mini studio,despite hansika and her gang was much ready to mess up…Somehow i managed them to stay away in a room…And  i took only few shots and glad it came out well… 

About the dessert,I truly madly recommend this simple recipe.

Mango Pulp-1 1/2 cup
Condensed Milk-1/2 cup
Fresh Cream-1 cup
Mango Essence-1 tsp
Gelatin-2 tsps
Water-3 tbsps

1.Grind the pulp into fine paste
2.Blend the mango pulp with condensed milk
3.Whip the cream till it reaches to stiff peak
4.Melt the gelatin with water and add it to mango pulp and mix it vigorously
5.Fold the whipped cream with the mango mix
6.Cut the cake using the mold itself,pour the mix and set it refrigerator for 2 hours

To make Mango glaze on top
Take equal amount of sugar and mango pulp and cook it until the bubbles settle down..Let it cool and then apply on top

To unmold ,slightly push the cake from the bottom and release the mousse....Since the underneath is cake,u can easily unmold it...But if  the mousse looks collapsed and not in form ,reset the mousse ,keep the mold in freezer for 5-10 minutes...I am sure it works,After u unmold it,place it in a tray until u need to u serve it

Thats a professional touch,keeping the mousse in cold mode for few minutes,Since our my refrigerator temperature doesn't suit to set the mousse...

Those u r concerned about using gelatin,U can substitute same amount of pectin or 8.5 grams of agar-agar...


  1. Gorgeous mango mousse !! looks so tempting !!

    Ongoing event CC:Splash Into Summer

  2. delicious presentation mango mousse is one of my favourite
    hope you can join the cooking with love aunt event in my site

  3. Lovely Priya!!!! Superb Click dear!!! Love that color Combo!!!

  4. Omg,wat a fabulous and irresistible mousse,looks seriously divine.

  5. Wow this is so beautiful. Love the colours.

  6. Wowo love anything with mango and mousse looks super yumm.

  7. I am eating with my eyes here:-) Awesome presentation ..Perfect for the season...

  8. Looks awesome, even I posted the same on Friday..

  9. Wow that looks awesome,tempting dessert.

  10. Ummm...looks sooooo tempting,feel like grabbing...nice clicks and neat presentation...

  11. The pics are perfect and the mousse looks very appetizing!

  12. wow, looks super delicious and loved the serving bowls!

  13. Tempting clicks Priya! The contrast colors between the cake n the mousse are beautiful! :P

  14. Did you try it without the gelatin too as we are vegetarians and gelatin is not vegetarian?? The mousse looks great and am sure it must taste good too...

    1. Hi Anon,I haven't tried without gelatin...this mousse tastes good,u can substitute the gelatin with 8.5grams of agar agar

  15. Tempting mousse esp with mango and Love the serving plate as well.. ;)

  16. HI from Smita

    lOVELY Tasty mousee. I had one problem though it did not set well to unmould it.
    What could be the reason for it.

  17. Smita

    Tried your yummy mousse. Very delicious. But did not set well to unmould it.
    where could I have gone wrong

  18. Thank you ,smitha..I m glad u liked it..There are many reasons for unable to set the mousse...Number 1 is more water content in the mix,or low cooling temperature...Or if the gelatin doesnt work..Hope it sets for you next time..

  19. Thanks,

    Will positive try it again. Everyone just loved it.

  20. Thanks,

    Will positive try it again. Everyone just loved it.

  21. Thanks Priya,

    Will make it soon again as suggested. Once again everyone just loved the

  22. awesome piece of dessert liked by everyone. can mago be substituted by any other fruit pulp dear.?.keep smiling

  23. hi anjana,Thank you...U can substitute with strawberry :)

  24. hi
    i have a doubt abt the cake as u havent mentiond abt it ,is it a store bought one if so what kind should i get

  25. I used this cake which i baked for other purpose..its a plain chocolate sponge cake..U can use store bought cake too...


Thank you

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