Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chennai Home Bakers

Home Bakers Guild ,the facebook group have organised a home bakers showcase in chennai today!..With no entrance fee,I got a chance to buy/try many home baked goodies..The event started at 3.30pm in crimson chakra,adyar and almost all the goodies were sold out by 5pm...The crowd proved people are so bored of black forest and pastries,usual stuff from local bakeries....

The first baker,i met on the day...I luv'd the way she called me Priyaaa...Luks like people can recognize me even when i hide my face with my cam...Sangeetha potty almost done with the sale when it was 4 pm.. :)

Nanditha from Sugar Hut

Sister of Aysha from Ma Baker...I literally glued to their goodies...I bought their white chocolate cupcake...

Little Miss from Little Miss Kitchen

I couldnt click,the place was jam-packed ;-)

Prerna Raj from Sweet Something..I luv'd her blueberry tarts and her cookies...Munching her sugar free oats cookies :)

Anusha from Delicioso

Macarons by Oven 180

Neha from High on cakes...

Kuki packing her bacon quiche for sale

Subhatra from Choco of the Town

I bought this rafaello ,stood for nearly 10 mins in queue to buy it...worth it!

The wonderful no mess cake from Ma baker...I got a slice of it packed to take home...:)

Here , the list of chennai home bakers took part in the event and their facebook pages ...

Home Baker
Prerna Raj
Sweet Somethings
Linu Paul
Linu’s Kitchen
Kuki Ravindran
Rose Anne George
Suma Sathish

I wanted to try atleast one stuff from each baker...But the table is blocked by many customers,I didnt want to disturb their sale,Yet i needed to do some clicks...So,I took a round to all bakers table,by the time i finished most of the goodies are sold out....So,i am looking forward for one more chance to meet the bakers...

Anyhow had a wonderful evening...Thank you and well deserving applause for the organizers who made the event successful...


  1. Hi Priya.. thanks for the super quick blog post.. sorry to tell you that you've messed up my information.. it's "Little Miss' Kitchen", not what you've mentioned.. would appreciate if you could change it.. thanks :)

    1. I have changed the information...Good Luck,Rivka!

    2. Priya: It hasn't changed. It shows as lil miss muffet still ! :) Rivka: Was just telling your mom how lovely the pie was :D :D am super happy !

    3. I have changed the name without a miss,deepa :)..Thank you for the mention..

  2. Hi Priya...well written article especially with the pictures...:)

    My fb page is sweetsomethingchennai and my business name is sweet something. Would appreciate if you could change the details....thanks!!!

  3. I cant Believe it???? i wonder if i had stoped by ur blog bfr!! i missed this event!! Hope fully i get a chance to visit next time :)!! Priya if u can let me know im trying to find out whipping cream for cakes and icecream around chennai! can u let me know where can i find it? of course bakeries do not help with their secret locations to by products :( looking forward to ur reply

  4. Hi naqabi,
    Glad u stopped at my blog finally...Thank you so much...Keep visiting the space...You will get Whipped cream in Vajravel/Viveka shops in Walltax road(turn left immediate next to thecentral station) :)

  5. Wow seems you had a wonderful time there.

  6. How sad, I live in Adyar and missed this wonderful event:( Great event girls, everything looks amazing!

  7. is there any fb link to join this page?

  8. Hi do u any home bakers in Bangalore. (Looking forward to your reply)

  9. Hi do u any home bakers in Bangalore. (Looking forward to your reply)

  10. The ideas so very good to organized such event. How can i join this Group. Thanks, Chennai cakes


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