Thursday, May 24, 2012

Main Street-The Residency Towers

I guess this place needs no introduction..Residency Towers is very popular for its buffet in chennai....Whenever i have guests at home,i take them to mainstreet...Last week ,i went with a special guest for friday lunch..I was the first person to enter,within seconds,all the seats were occupied!!...

Mainstreet ,one of the restaurant in residency towers serves the buffet for lunch and dinner..

The salad bar

The Biryani of the day


Some chicken starter..

I settled with vegetarian food in my plate..There was veg biryani,crispy cauliflower,panner,avail,keerai and ennai kathirikai...tasted Awesome,I have no complaints...

The ambiance is pretty good,actually it didnt look like main street.I always felt the place is the mall...Over the years,I feel the same..Pretty good choices,where to be seated....Sometimes,i dont like to eat out simply because the next table men/ppl will be kept on staring at us...I felt odd just like by these two men doing in above picture....yep,I dont have to say anything except "Men,please carry some attitude.After all,women are also human..."

The place had wonderful serving of fruits,cakes,indian desserts,icecreams and some sugar free desserts too

This is the dessert plate of my guest.....

I couldnt figure out why people falling for this place...May be the food is served with best taste and also ,u cannot skip one dish since it is a bland continental/fusion one and of course mostly indian dishes...If you want to eat like king/queen,this place is the best pick for sure....

Residency Towers is located at the end of pondy bazaar,tnagar....
Buffet time for lunch 12-3 pm and dinner 7-1 am
Lunch Buffet costs@ 749Rs per person +taxes
   Dinner Buffet costs@949Rs per person+taxes


  1. Lovely ambience and great spread of food and I am drooling over the beriyani and crab dish.

  2. lovely ambience...loved the food they served !!!I have been there once while I was in Chennai a few years back :-)


Thank you

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