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Farfella in Béchamel sauce

I been to many workshops,I luv the way italians speak english in their own accent...I luv when they say "Litherally"  for (Literally) and Wother for (Water) ..I love the cheese in Italian food ,its addictive.Certainly ,Chennai has got lot of Italian eat-outs every nook and corner...No wonder if it is included in all south indian hotels soon..Recently ,i been dragged  to a sea view cafe.Since i am dieting,i am not feasting at all.The people came with me didn't bother my diet and ordered two full plates of pasta..That was the moment i felt how tough being in diet...With the aroma of cheese and the beautiful pasta,I cant end my dinner without them... :-P.With 400 variety of cheeses ,why not we call Italy is the gujarat of the world..You must try the soft mozarella cheese with this recipe..If i say its heavenilicious,i am still understating it.
Alfredo sauce is different from Béchamel sauce...Béchamel sauce means mother of sauce
(one among the five mother sauces)..

Farfella in Béchamel sauce
For the Sauce
Boiled Milk-4 cups
Olive Oil/Butter-40 gms
Flour-35 gms 
Salt-1/4 tsp


    Heat the butter/Oil and Sprinkle the flour and Roast them

Once,the flour absorbs all the moisture ,Add a portion of milk on the sides by keep stirring at other hand,
Stir until all the milk is absorbed by the flour 
(Do it in a quick process -Keep on stirring it  to avoid the lumps ),Finally add the salt to the sauce

Farfella Pasta
Pasta-400 gms

Boil the pasta and keep aside

In a fry pan ,add the bell peppers and basil and saute them in olive oil

To serve the pasta for a party

Mix the pasta,dried Italian Seasoning,Sauce,Vegetables and sprinkle the cheese on top
Bake the bowl for 10 minutes for 170C in a pre-heated oven before serving it
For using larger amount ,Repeat the process as layers and end with cheese


  1. Farafelle in bechamel sauce, very tempting..

  2. Super delicious and delightful one !!

    Ongoing event CC:Mom’s Recipe

  3. my favorite pasta shape...just one little correction..Bechamel does not mean mother of sauce - it is one of the 5 mother sauces that all sauces are derived from in classical French/Italian cuisine - the other 4 are Espagnole, Tomato, Hollandaise and Veloute

    1. Yes,I agree bechamel is one among the 5 mother sauces :)

  4. For me, pasta and bechamel sauce are match made in heaven. And the step by step instructions are really helpful.

  5. Nice recipe.. Looks yummy .. thanks for sharing dear

  6. Omg, am inviting myself to your place,delicious farfalle..

  7. Looks so so good, try adding a little but of freshly ground nutmeg to the sauce it will lift your sauce to another level.

    1. Thank you for the tip,finla..Sure i will try it with nutmeg next time.

  8. OMG,droolworthy pasta recipe with my fav sauce!!

  9. Love italian, and this sounds very good!

  10. I bet this was soooooooooper tasty..:)
    lovely presentation
    Tasty Appetite

  11. I love Bechamel Sauce, just that bland flavour with black pepper.. yummm !!

  12. White sauce pasta is my favourite ! Nice recipe..


Thank you

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