Saturday, May 19, 2012

BBQ Pool Party by CFG

BBQ Pool Workshop conducted by CFG today(yep just few hours ago)in Crimson..This is the second workshop i been to after this one....Chef Jacob taught us some basics and did a live barbeque in the pool..Ali ,was keen to explain how to be safe while barbequing..All of us ,were so excited to watch the BBQing in the pool... 

It was 3 pm peaking hot place,the team arranged the pool with Weber BBQ grillers and loaded some icebergs to make the pool cool !!

 5 different types of dips were ready

4 different nonvegetarian dishes were readily marinated

 Some tikkas,paneer and veggies were readily marinated

Chef finally arrived too...
He is not singing :-P...He gave some tips on bbqing 

The girl gang was seen with a bang :)

Paneer was perfectly flavored and skewed with bell pepper and tomato which tasted amazing....

Some discussions on the pool

The magic/must of barbecuing..The Coals  

The chef in action

I thought the fish is going to be unflavored ,it luks very white..But alas,it was perfectly cooked and tasted too good

This man really made the workshop into party so do all of us...

I was busy clicking nice shots ,i missed trying the main dish of chicken...I pecked into jacob's grill to find the red colored chicken and the wonderful lady tasneem helped me where it is...I reached jacob's grill and he asked me to wait two minutes...I knew the chef already and met him once before(yep not during my contest,it was during children's day celebrations at Big FM)......

Finally,he served a piping hot chicken kebab in my plate..The chicken was very tender and juicy with lots of moists...

Ali was seemed too busy in partying :)

Doctor Wazeem from

CFG is conducting baking workshops and also BBQ workshops..Do check CFG page for more information.. 


Thank you

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