Monday, April 23, 2012

Neer Moor

If u have given a chance to travel around the world or to spend a week in a village ,of course in a farmer's house,what would u choose?..Definitely ,i will go for second option..The best and simple lifestyle must be from a  hut /wooden house..The farmer knows to cultivate the crop and also knows the best for the health..Nothing brings much satisfaction who does the cultivation of animals,plants and other life forms of food and shelter..I cherish the moments i spent my holidays in few villages in my native, thanjavur..This neer more is also made during amman festivals in temples and houses...

Just a reminder post for forgotten drink....Nothing is best than this chemical-free neer moor..

Homemade Curd-1 cup
Water-3 cups
Asafoetida-half tsp
Salt-half tsp
Ginger-An inch
Curry leaves-1 arch

1.Churn the curd and beat it to creamy texture
2.Sprinkle the salt and Asafoetida ,add the water
3.Add the Slice of ginger and Curry leaves

Serve  in the earthen pot/man panai....

Make the summer days cool with this Neer Moor

Peace Out


  1. love this a lot...
    perfect for this climate.
    nice click priya :)

  2. Simple pleasures of serene lifestyle. Nothing like Neer moar to beat the summer's heat.

  3. Nothing like this natural and refreshing drink for the summer. Love it

  4. nothing can be healthy than this for this summer to beat the heat

  5. Nothing will beat this neer moor,some goes behind the chilled beverages, my choice will definitely go for this healthy thristy quenchers..

  6. Excellent thirst quencher,perfect for this weather.....

  7. Replies
    1. There is an award waiting for you in my space..

  8. Very well presented, love neer mor during summer.

  9. Super refreshing thirst quencher !! cool and chill one !!

    Ongoing event CC:Spring Seasonal Food

  10. Super like this drink - love your madka photos!

  11. Check this link and accept the tag :

  12. Loved ur pic and the has got that homely touch

  13. loved it dear....looks n sounds absolutely delicious !!!!!

  14. wow such a refreshing drink. buttermilk is in our everyday dinner menu. looks fantastic


Thank you

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