Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Custard Icecream

Last week i've conducted a workshop on desserts in a friend's place...Nearly twenty housewives gathered.I made this Mango Icecream,Fruit Custard and a cupcake..Once i started ,people were ready to shoot lot of questions ,that really proved housewives are much more than regular cooking stuff..They made me to explain three other recipes while i was making the desserts...Last year,I shared two ice creams here.The Vanilla Softy and the Mango Icecream..I cannot go much about this mango icecream recipe(of course,tarla dalal's),you have to try at least once in your life.If possible, this mango season,u know how homemade ice creams are the best and chemical free?!...

The custard icecream which i tried just a day before my workshop came out just awesome..Its my mom's recipe and she spilled the beans finally how her icecream tasted really good..She makes in the ice tray where I and my cousins kept on checking whether it is set or not.. I remember she gives three cubes for each child and no one involves any scoop size fighting...

Low Fat/Full Cream Milk-1 cup/8 oz
Custard powder-1 tsp
Powdered Sugar-2 tsp
Condensed milk-1 tsp(optional)

1.Dissolve the custard powder in 3 tsps of chilled milk without lumps

2.Boil the cup of milk and add the custard milk.Switch off the flame and keep stirring until a thin layer coats the back of the laddle..But dont make it too thick like porridge...

Let the milk comes to room temperature..Whip it with powder sugar 

And some condensed milk ,mix well and freeze it in air tight container

After four hours ,remove the ice cream from the freezer.Whip it once again and refreeze it.
Its ready to Serve

U can feel how hot my home was exactly at half past noon...

U can also make this icecream with low fat milk.Since the custard powder thickens the milk,u need not to worry about crystallizing...Before moving to freezer,check the sugar.If you want the icecream too sweet,add some condensed milk.

I topped the scoops with tutty fruity and sugar sprinkles....The topping compliments really well with this flavor...


  1. hi....delicous looking ice take part in my ongoing event Scream "Ice Cream' at

  2. Fabulous delight. I love your kitchen.

    Hamsamalini Chandrasekaran,

  3. Mouthwatering icecream and i wanted to try ice cream with custard powder for a ong time but i never get the vanilla custard powder for the past 3 months!!Love the tutti fruity in that

  4. I am so happy that you shared your cooking skills with others and suppose we are not selfish in parting our knowledge to others. Your mums recipe is good as I can see the outcome from the pics you have attached and the plus point is also the simple deco on top.

  5. Wow love this idea of custard powder icecream...yummy

  6. wow...very simple n delicious ice cream...looks so smooth n creamy...lovely clicks Priya!!

  7. Custard ice cream look soo inviting!!Simple and yummy!

  8. ohh wow...custard ice creamm...looks so so yummy dear...custard n icecream both r my favorites!!!!!!

  9. looks yummy....
    and congrats priya for the workshop :)

  10. i love ice creams...this look so fun :)

  11. Easy breezy ice cram.Looks yum.bookmarked

  12. I tried this. This was delicious. Thank you for the recipe.

  13. I am making it .. but I have to wait 4 hours hope it would be delicious.....


Thank you

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