Saturday, March 31, 2012

Clay Craft Workshop

I  saw a facebook status of a friend "Making burgers,pizzas,brownies...all at home" ..I know she doesnt know cooking and I cant resist whats happening and gave a quick visit to her home.Surprise,All of them are cute miniatures..I was excited  to see wht she will make next..I clicked some pictures in past one year for her...The girl flies on and off to overseas to learn the craft and without fail she makes her work absolutely "Jaw Drop".
Now ,the young lady is ready to teach too...

So,here are the pictures and the details...

She also sells customized miniatures...Check her FB page 

I would love to click artistic things and  dont forget to ping me if u want to portrait ur best work.


  1. Wow what a her son will love to have thoughs angry bird miniatures :)

  2. wow....awesome work by ur friend ......great

  3. wow... the pieces look fantastic... i am sure great deal of creativity, energy and innovation has gone into it... Kudos to your friend for this great work and to you as well for bringing such a fine talent to the fore...

  4. All of them are looking so daughter loves those burger ear rings I got for her..when is the workshop?..will check the FB page later for details..thanks

    1. Thank you very much! The workshop is happening on the 7th of April :)

  5. i loved it very much


  6. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and Priya akka! Thanks for writing about it here!! :)

    Will be conducting a couple of workshops on the 7th of April at Raheja Regency, Santhome high road.

    10-12:30 - Angry birds
    Learn to make a set of 5 angry birds

    Course fee - 500 (Inc. of material)

    2-6 - Miniature animals
    Learn to make a set of 10 cute animals

    Course fee - 1750 (Inc. of material)

    Kids (10+) can also enroll for these workshops.

    If you're interested then do drop in a message at or give me a ring :) Thank you!!


Thank you

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