Monday, April 09, 2012

Cake Buffet by The French Loaf

Cake Buffet is conducted by French Loaf,one of the popular cake house in chennai..I am not big fan of buffets..But i luved to see the cakes and desserts showcased...Here,is the visual treat of cakes and my review at the end...Enjoy

The chocolate cupcakes 
All the glitters are not gold,these cuties worth the saying..

Butterfly cake

I tasted only the crescent and coconut cookies ,
nothing to say much on it

The Fish Cake

BonBon stole my heart

I didnt taste this,but my co-reviewers said its very usual stuff

Barbie Cake

The dessert was good...From the left..They had eclairs,black forest,Fruit tart,Chocolate mousse, fraiser and the carrot cake
I liked the fraiser...The pink beauty is just out of the world

They had some easter eggs...

The Earl Grey turned out the best,it wasnt  sweet...

Anything with sponge in french loaf is the winner...

So the tiramisu had lot of sponge and tasted weird..

Fondant Cake with white chocolate sticks

The apple crumble was good,i didnt like the thin crust cookies nor the carrot cake

The fruit tarts had wonderful crust and cream,perfect french dessert...

The Fondant Garden theme cake...I found all the cakes are professionally done,even after the cut,the cake didnt luk messy...Good to see the cakes are not overly done with the decorations...The fondant and the cake perfectly complimented each other...

The chef with one of his toughest pastry 

"The French Loaf" an elegant french bakery,where the service is pretty good than before...But when comes to food,not all of them is to die for...My First buy in french loaf,there have a box of  8 chocolate cupcakes (First pic) is just bland....I luv their cashew brownies,a huge size ever i seen is just 45 rupees and certainly their savouries likes calzones r quit good...But both didnt take part in the buffet..The bakery offered only the cakes and the desserts which is a over load of sweet taste/Calorie...I wish they had "Salads and cakes" and or atleast savory items can be included....And also i expected more french desserts,especially macarons :)

Another Cafe buffet-Love to visit ,but not to eat..vous êtes trop douce
French Loaf 
(Next to Lady Andal School) 
Harrington Road, Chetpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Ph:044 4356 1333 


  1. Wonderful treat and great review !!!!!

  2. I also got an invite but decided not to go. Glad I saved myself. well written.
    'Only' Snacks & Starters + Giveaway

  3. I told the chef Bhupesh that they shd have savory cakes, or something with red chilli to take away some of the sweetnesss in the buffet.. he stared at me like i had lost it :)

    Nice review n lovely pics...

  4. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

    Gift to Chennai


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