Donut House-Review on Savory Donuts and Frosting Contest...

Last weekend,I been to the Donut House for the review...The C-thru Kitchen was overflowing with people ,I peaked myself in a little place,It was frosting recipe contest for the donut..Four ladies were busy staring at each other's donut  making yummiest donuts of the day...

The contestants made pineapple and fresh cream,blueberry,dry fruits and dates, 
strawberry and lemon zest frostings

The fellow blogger kamalika

The judges were excited to pose when i asked the staff to hold the donuts tray for the click! :)

And the winner is the little teeny girl who made lemon zest frosting

Ok,Lets move on to New releases from Donut House.....The new donuts  have a filler tube which holds the creamy stuffing...So,It will be the option for customers to have the donut with stuffing or not...

The Donut House released the burger donut..The sugar glazed donut bun with little spicy patty,pineapple and the cheese slices..When i had the bite,the mixing of all flavour bursting in the mouth...I luved it...

The savoury version were mutard olives,italian and south indian donuts
I liked mustard donuts where most loved the spicy south indian ones...

Glad to announce the donut house is coming to South Chennai,In Besant Nagar!

Donut House,Wellington Plaza , Dr. PV Cherian Crecent Salai,
 Egmore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600008


Thank you