Friday, March 09, 2012

Choco Strawberry lush

This is such an easy dessert ,u can make the weekend very special without spending much time in the kitchen..Almost ,its a kids play dessert..Once u line up all the needs in the table,kids will luv to do it..

(Any flavour )Short Cake-1 packet
Chocolate Short Cake-1 packet
Butter-3 tbsp
Powdered Sugar-3 tbsp
Amul Fresh Cream tetra pack-1(250 ml),Chilled
Any Fruits-Half cup,Chopped
Sugar Syrup-Two cups

To make sugar syrup
Mix one cup of powdered sugar to two cups of water


1.Toast the short cakes with butter

2.Whip the fresh cream with 3 tbsps of sugar
(Keep it in fridge as it thickens some more)

3.Take a serving bowl or glass,layer the cream,dip the cake in sugar syrup and place it over the cream and layer the Fruit...Repeat the process until it gets over

4.U can do it in a bowl too

4.Chill it in fridge atleast an hour before serving

U can use strawberry crush,chocolate sauce or the melted jam in between the layers
Of course,the weekend dessert can be done in less than hundred rupees too..

Happy Weekend,Bye.


  1. lovely and easy dessert when you crave for some. I have a FRUIT FIESTA event running, would you like to join

  2. The heat here...wants me to have this right cooling and so yum...

  3. Wow! I love this elegant glass of dessert.

  4. Looks awesome and so easy to assemble, very attractive..

  5. A simple and mouthwatering dessert...looks very exotic

  6. Yummy looking choco strawberry lush. Wonderfully prepared.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  7. Would love to have that glass. Simple and yummy

  8. I like this simple and easy to make dessert. That cream and strawberries are the perfect ingredients for the layering. Yum to this dessert and sure a try out for me.

  9. Luks very inviting and worth a try Dessert. Will try it soon.Thanks for dropping in

  10. wonderful dessert priya.
    sounds simple and delicious :)

  11. Such a gorgeous dessert! Who could resist???? I'm following you, too! Have a great weekend~

  12. Looks so delicious. I am not sure I will want to the whole hour before eating.

  13. Looks really good! I love the combination!

  14. This looks yummy priya.

  15. Mmm your choco-strawberry combi looks really good! Looks really easy to make and yet are some of the tastiest dessert! This looks fabulous, wish I could have some now!


Thank you

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