Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Strawberry Lollipops

I made this fruit lollipop completely edible,so no chop sticks needed to hold this lollipop...I got many pats on the back for making this in a party...Making this lollipop is so easy,but i spent an hour to click the pictures..

Strawberry-A dozen
Melted Chocolate-half cup
Strawberry/Chocolate Wafer rolls/cigars-12

1.Melt the chocolate and temper it to smooth paste
2.Remove the leaves from strawberries and scoop till half inch
3.Dip the edge of the roll in the chocolate and insert the strawberry 
4.Refrigrate the strawberry and dip in  the chocolate until it coats well.
5.Put them back in fridge and use it  

I get good strawberries in india and it is season now...If the strawberries are tangy,Scoop an inch in center and soak them in sugar syrup (A mix of half cup of sugar+quater cup of water) for ten minutes..Then,remove the strawberries and use it as u like...


Enjoy the chilled fruit lollipop...Bye.


  1. These look so delicious...and the pics are lovely...your time well spent :-)

  2. super and yummy lollipop ..and nice way to make kids eat fruits ..

  3. yummy and interesting lolipops.Kids will feast on this for sure

  4. Fantastic idea, always love the strawberries and chocolate combo..

  5. Attractive pops!! Should have been a sure hit in the party.. :)

  6. wonderful idea, looks pretty n yummy..do link to my event if u desire..

    Join the Just "4" Fun event :)

  7. lovely lovely... a feast to the eyes.... iam sure it wud hav tasted wonderful....

  8. wow...
    kids will definitely love it priya:)
    Thx. for sharing dear!!!

  9. very nice idea of using wafer rolls ...kids would absolutely love to have them:)

  10. beautiful lollypops..i have an award for u..please drop by my space to collect it!! :)


Thank you

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