Monday, January 30, 2012

Pasta with Homemade Pesto Sauce

Pasta , one of the favourite meal at home...Whenever i get fresh basil,i make pesto sauce and store it in fridge...To make the best italian pasta,i recommend the original version of olive oil produced by Italy...I know few brands that play best role in enhancing the taste...

To Make Pesto Sauce
Basil-250 gms(3 cups)
Walnuts/Pinenuts-1/3 cup
Olive Oil-1/3 cup
Salt-1/4 tsp

1.Grain the basil leaves,garlic,walnuts and salt without water
(i like it coarsely)
2.Add the olive oil to the basil and grain it,Pour the thick sauce in a bottle or an air tight container

This sauce can be stored for 6 months...It can be used on bread toast,Grilled Fish/Vegetables,Pizza and of course pasta.

To Make Pesto Pasta
Pasta-250 gms
Olive oil-1 tsp
Garlic,chopped-2 cloves
Bell Pepper/Tomato/Zucchini,sliced-1 cup
Pepper powder-half tsp
Pesto Sauce-3 tsps
Parmesan Cheese-2 tsps

1.Boil the pasta ,Once cooked,drain the water
2.Heat a pan,pour a tsp of olive oil
3.Saute the garlic and vegetables
4.Add the cooked pasta to it and sprinkle the pepper powder
5.Add the pesto sauce and toss the pasta

Sprinkle some cheese and serve it hot...
If u want diluted sauce,add some water that u used to cook the pasta....

  • Donot add water to the sauce,if u r storing it..Add a generous amt of olive oil on top pesto sauce before storing..Use the same oil for making the pasta
  • Since i added salt to pesto sauce,and the cheese will also have salt in it
  • So,add a dash of salt just to cook the pasta

Bon Appetit ! 


  1. wow...thanx 4 sharing recipe for pesto sauce,.....superbly done pasta

  2. delicious pasta, homemade sauce sounds great :)

  3. Delicious looking pasta and one of my family's favorite..

  4. simply superb...i'm drooling over here.

  5. very inviting pasta !! homemade pesto sauce is always good !!

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  6. The pesto and pasta look so good, love pesto, first time visiting your blog, you have one lovely space, one more happy follower, do drop by mine sometime..

  7. Looks so yummy. Just today I was thinking of making pasta for us so this is a nice time to get this recipe.

  8. Ahh, lovely recipe..pasta looks mouth watering!!

  9. Pasta and the colour of pesto looks so tempting Priya..Nice presentation.

  10. Looks great! I love everything thats homemade!

  11. .looks so tempting and yummy dear...loved it!!

  12. Homemade pesto sauce is a nice idea...looks yum

  13. Thats a great pesto recipe and like that pasta plater Priya beautiful click.

  14. Nice and easy way of making pasta. Never tried with pesto.

  15. Delicious pasta recipe dear :-)


  16. Mouthwatering here, wat a terrific and super tempting pasta..

  17. Pesto sauce is new to me.Kids love pasta and will try this . Bookmarking.


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