Monday, January 30, 2012

Pasta with Homemade Pesto Sauce

Pasta , one of the favourite meal at home...Whenever i get fresh basil,i make pesto sauce and store it in fridge...To make the best italian pasta,i recommend the original version of olive oil produced by Italy...I know few brands that play best role in enhancing the taste...

To Make Pesto Sauce
Basil-250 gms(3 cups)
Walnuts/Pinenuts-1/3 cup
Olive Oil-1/3 cup
Salt-1/4 tsp

1.Grain the basil leaves,garlic,walnuts and salt without water
(i like it coarsely)
2.Add the olive oil to the basil and grain it,Pour the thick sauce in a bottle or an air tight container

This sauce can be stored for 6 months...It can be used on bread toast,Grilled Fish/Vegetables,Pizza and of course pasta.

To Make Pesto Pasta
Pasta-250 gms
Olive oil-1 tsp
Garlic,chopped-2 cloves
Bell Pepper/Tomato/Zucchini,sliced-1 cup
Pepper powder-half tsp
Pesto Sauce-3 tsps
Parmesan Cheese-2 tsps

1.Boil the pasta ,Once cooked,drain the water
2.Heat a pan,pour a tsp of olive oil
3.Saute the garlic and vegetables
4.Add the cooked pasta to it and sprinkle the pepper powder
5.Add the pesto sauce and toss the pasta

Sprinkle some cheese and serve it hot...
If u want diluted sauce,add some water that u used to cook the pasta....

  • Donot add water to the sauce,if u r storing it..Add a generous amt of olive oil on top pesto sauce before storing..Use the same oil for making the pasta
  • Since i added salt to pesto sauce,and the cheese will also have salt in it
  • So,add a dash of salt just to cook the pasta

Bon Appetit ! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Puttu with White Lobia/Karamani Curry-Happy Republic Day

I am wishing all the Indians,a very happy republic day 2012!...I am glad to post the tri flavored puttu and Karamani curry...Both are my family's fav dish....

For Yellow Color,I used Corn Puttu Podi

For Green,Grained a cup of  Mint and Green Chillies..
Its a must-try variation of puttu...
The green puttu tasted the best out of the rest..

Mix a cup of puttu maavu with half cup of water and Salt..
Set aside for 15 minutes

Add the mint water to the puttu maavu with salt...Set aside

Layer the maavu and grated coconut in Puttu steamer...and Steam it for 10-15 minutes...
When steam starts to escape,u can remove it from flame

Pull the puttu out of steamer

And Serve with Yummy Karamani Curry
(The recipe is given below)

 Karamani/Lobia Curry
Karamani-2 cups
Onion/Shallots,sliced-half cup
Sambar powder-3/4 tsp
Oil-1 tsp
Salt to taste
Curry leaves-a few

Soak the Karamani peas in hot water for 20 minutes
Pressure cook or Cook them for 7-10 minutes until it turns soft
Saute the onion and tomato with Salt
if using the shallots,dont remove the skin,u can use as it is
Add the cooked karamani and a cup of water
Add the sambar powder and bring to a boil
Sprinkle some curry leaves
Serve with puttu

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kovakkai Poriyal

Its been wonderful pongal feast and celebrations at home…With all the high calorie food,we cant skip the healthy food…Luckily,everyone luvs this kovakai at home..I make it almost every friday,Tindora/Kovakai is good for diabetic people Smile…It reduces the blood sugar level and act as natural insulin.. Thumbs up

So,why don’t we call it no bitter bittergourd Kovakkai poriyal

Kovakkai,sliced-250 gms
Onion,medium size-1,sliced
Sombu/Jeera-1 tsp
Turmeric powder-1/4 tsp
Chilli powder-1/2  tsp
Red chillies,broken-2
Coriander leaves-Chopped
Oil –2 tsps
Salt to taste

1.Heat the pan,Fry the Sombu/Jeera and red chillies in a pan
2.Add the onion and saute till it turns transculent
3.Add the tomato,Coriander leaves and kovakkai to the pan and saute it well
4.Add half  cup of water,close the lid and cook for 3-5 minutes
5.Once,it turns little tender,its done.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sarkaravalli kizhangu Thithipu/சர்க்கரைவள்ளி கிழங்கு தித்திப்பு

It is true,as someone said Pongal festival is tamilian's thanksgiving day for the farmers....While almost all the vegetables are bought during pongal,specially this sarkaravalli kizhangu will be used in sambar or kootu for one of the pongal day.....This is simple and easy one to make ,the kids will finish the "pick and run " snack in no time...

To make Thithipu
Sarkaravalli kilangu/Japanese Yam-250 gms
Coconut ,grated-half cup
Sugar-2 tsp
Ghee-a tsp

Wash the kizhangu and cook it tawa or steamer ,until it turns tender
if it is steamer ,it needs just ten minutes
Peel the skin and smash them with rest of the ingredients..
Shape it as u like into balls or cubes

One yummy and easy snack is ready
U can also make it with Maravalli kizhangu which is less taster

பொங்கல் நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள் 

Monday, January 09, 2012

Banoffee Pie

Its been long time,I want to try something new ,which i never tasted before..So,here is sweet punch of  Jan, No-Bake Banoffee Pie using  "Dulce the Leche" which is an reduced condensed milk toffee,and i can call it a western style thiratttu pal in a sticky consistency...There are various ways to make it..

If u r afraid of using the tin in pressure cooker,u can tranfer the condensed milk in the heavy weighing bowl ,wrap it with foil and pressure cook it for 1 hr 40 minutes
If u r using the tin,Immerse the tin completely in the water
Keep the flame sim and make sure ,u dont over cook it ,it will turn hard and crystallized

Here is the recipe for Banoffee Pie by wonderful blogger Swapna from Swapna's Cuisine..The recipe is so simple..Just five simple steps to get the yummy dessert...

1.Crush the marie biscuits to powder and add the melted butter to make the pie crust

2.Pour the dulce toffee in the center and line the banana slices

3.Whip the whipping cream till it peaks

4.Spread the cream on the pie

5.Dust some cocoa powder on top and its done!!!!

To decorate on top,I piped in some more cream,drizzled some melted chocolate with some banana slices

This slice is killer dessert !!

Refrigerate the pie for 3-4 hrs....It taste much better the next day..

Monday, January 02, 2012

Murunga Kerai Sambar

Wish you all very happy and prosperous new year.. i searched for this keerai quit a while,finally got from the vegetable seller by "on request demand"

The one of the healthy and most tastiest green leaves is Murunga keerai.Dont know how much u ppl like it..But i like the keerai sambar varieties a lot..Specially if it is made with this murunga keerai....Lets check on the healthy note...A teaspoon of drum stick leaves carries 14% of protein,40% of calcium,23% of iron and vitamin A(referred to Wiki theory)
The sambar will be little spicy,little tangy and more yummy...I am sure ,U wont forget to lick ur finger...

Murunga Keerai Sambar
Drumstick Leaves/Murungai Keerai-250 gms
Toor dal-1 plus half cup
Mustard-half tsp
Cumin-1 tsp
Sesame oil-2 tbsp
Red chillies-4-5,remove the stem
Tamarind-half lemon size,soaked in a cup of water
if pulp-1 tbsp
Salt to taste
Sambar powder-1 tsp


Clean the leaves and remove the stems(stems will give bitter taste)

I always wash the bunches a day before and keep aside..So that,the keerai will shed the leaves of their own,and you dont have the big job of  doing it..

Saute the mustard,Cumin in oil

When the onion turns translucent ,add the red chillies

Cook the dal with double quantity of water and smash it well

Add the sambar powder and salt to the dal

  Add the keerai to the sauteed onions

And the dal

Bring to boil

Once,the keerai is cooked,add the tamarind water

Keerai sambar is all set to go for a yummy feast...

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