Monday, November 21, 2011

Besan Halwa

I have tasted this halwa in a marriage ceremony...We couldn't find the ingredient,but initially thought it was Ashoka Halwa...But the caterer was humble enough to reply and also to share the recipe ....
I made this for last diwali.U need not  worry abt lumpiness  while making this halwa and the recipe is an easy one,except few minutes of stirring..

Besan-200 gms
Maida-50 gms
Sugar-250 gms
Ghee-200 gms
If u like Some Cardomon Powder and Fried nuts and Raisins

1.Mix the ghee ,maida and the besan into a bowl
2.Pour it in an non stick fry pan,and stir it well with medium heat
3.Once,it starts bubbling ,Add the sugar 
4.Stir,Stir and the stir until u get halwa consistency..that means u can roll a unsticky ball in ur fingers..

The besan will not be over powering in taste,it tastes almost like ashoka halwa...


  1. Super delicious and glossy halwa looks super tempting..

  2. It looks very simple to make. besan halwa has the perfect texture which is making me drool. I like it overall!

  3. Slurp,seriously drooling here,drool-worthy halwa..

  4. A great version of besan halwa, absoluely love the beautiful tecture!

  5. Simple and delicious halwa..looks new to me..will try it sometime :)

  6. lovely blog..visiting first time.happy to follow you
    please visit my blog

  7. I have had ashoka halwa once, but this is new and seems quite easy throw all in and keep cooking style:) Loved the colour and the spoon-able texture...I somehow always prefer the eat with a spoon consistency rather the cut pieces!

  8. Looks very tempting priya...will have to try it sometime..

  9. Halwa with besan is new to me. It looks very delicious...

  10. Priya new recipe. lovely click, tempting also. I tried your soup it came out so well. thanks

  11. Awesome treat! Even i have tried Besan halwa couple of times..but never dared to make it:-) Thx for the recipe!

  12. Never tried this kinda halwa..Thanks for sharing..WOULD LOVE TO TRY SOON

  13. Must have tasted awesome Priya.Lovely Diwali treat.

  14. Nice recipe! Thanks for posting this to my event!Happy blogging...


Thank you

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