Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Coconut Ladoo with a surprise stuffing

I have eaten coconut ladoo from sweet shops...I made this very easy coconut ladoo for this diwali with a surprise stuffing.....It was super hit and was over soon before diwali arrived...I made second batch and saved for diwali...Please check the ingredients that goes into,Oh my goood,I am sure U will fall in luv with exotic flavour..

Dessicated Coconut-half kg
Amul Milkmaid-1 tin
Khoya(Unsweetened)-200 gms
Rose Gulkand-One cup


For the stuffing,Mix gulkand and Khoya  and make small balls
Mix the desiccated coconut and condensed milk 
Make a ladoo shape with coconut and the stuffing

Roll the ladoo on Coconut to get the fine look...

I am sending this sweet to "Festives of Light" by Anu,My Diwali My Way by Kushi and Diwali Special by Radhika

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Wish u all,happy and Safe diwali..I just found my Somas pics in my dad's laptop which i took last summer.This is made by inlaws.I have already  posted their Spicy kulambu here.Actually,They r pro in making sweets..Festivals r best celebrated with family and Sweets.Isnt it?..

For Outer Layer
Maida-1 kg
Rava-50 gms
Oil to Deep Fry
Salt to Taste
For Stuffing

Bengal gram powder-400 gms
Coarsely powdered
Coconut-1 ,grated,Sundried for a day
Sugar-450 gms
Khus Khus-50 gms
Cardamon Powder-2 tsp


Mix the powdered roasted bengal gram dal and also the Cardomon 

Dry roast the Khus khus for few secs until it turns cripsy

Grate the Coconut and Sun dry it...When she made,it was hot mid summer 
she kept it for 4 hours 

If u dont get sun ,u can dry roast the coconut until it is free from moisture

Mix all the ingredients for stuffing(puranam) 

For the Dough

Mix the rava ,maida ,and the salt 

Sprinkle minimum of water and make a tight dough

Rest the dough for 10 minutes 

Use the heavy grinding stone/Ammikallu and hit the dough on it for 10 minutes until it turns soft and much more flexible

Soon,roll them into flat (chapathi ) rotis 

Keep the stuffing(puranam) in center

Close the edges ,make into half moon..Use water to seal them

Move them to Airy place and let them dry for few minutes

Once they are dried(5-7 minutes under fan) ,the edges starts to curl up.
Dont over dry it,since u will get only browny somas

In medium flame,fry all the somas(patience!!)  as white as ever 

U can store this somas for a month....Wish u all Happy Deepavalli,Have a blast!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Corn Flakes Mixture

While the diwali vibes are geared up now,i am glad to post my Cornflake mixture,which i made it jus few hours ago....I have tried this mixture for similar diwali celebrations..It is such an easy savoury,u dont have to work much and nor to loose urself in mixing the doughs :-P

Corn Flour,Unroasted-1 kg
Beaten Rice-250 gms
Ground Nuts-100 gms
Badam and Cashewnuts-100gms
Curry leaves-As much as u like
Chilli powder-2 tsp
Sugar-4 tsp
Salt-1 tbsp
Coconut Oil-For deep Frying


Pre wash the Curry leaves and Dry them

Pour the Coconut oil in a pan,with a strainer like this

Throw the curry leaves into the strain and fry them until sizzling stops

Fry the beaten rice/Aval similarily...The Aval turned the oil frothy and it over flowed...
So use the oil only the 1/2 level of the cooking pan

Fry the groundnuts until it turns slight brown like this..

Add the 1/4 th of the cornflakes and fry them...It happened in 20 secs

Once fried,Shake the strainer to take off the excess oil

Fry the nuts in simlar way

 Add the Chilli powder to the fried mixture

 And the sugar and salt 

Crush the mixture 

And mix them well

and its ready to munch

I used the coconut oil to make the mixture,U can use any oil.Divide the recipe into four as i did.Fry the items in minimal quantities to make it perfect..Use the strainer to fry all the small ingredients in just one go..Add the  chilli powder and salt when the mixture is hot

Hope this recipe is helpful to you for diwali Celebrations....

Monday, October 17, 2011

Burgundy-A Must Try Dining

Burgundy,opened by Chef Willi and his team,it has moulded into a trendsetting restaurant with a loyal clientele of its own.The sheer energy of the restaurant captures you from the moment you walk in..The Burgundy is located in a five-star island of tranquility,it is jus quit away from the hustle and bustle of the city...

                         I been to the place a couple of times,and enjoyed to the core...When i got invite from Chennai Food Guide recently for Burgundy's restaurant review ,I couldnt skip.Since,Burgundy is my favorite hangout which is rocking in fine dining and Brunch buffet...I luv their Italian Thin Crust authentic pizzas,followed by an Awesome Grilled Starters,Indian main course meals,the home cooked-comfort food ,chats,beverages thats ends with a (brilliant)wide spread of desserts....
Let me share my collective pics of Burgundy dishes...I am sure,U r going to be hungry in next few minutes..

 Aranlini Cakes....
Cheese Crackers with dips
Mushroom Pizza
Broccoli and Cheese Pizza,One of my fav.

Fish balls
Hara bara kabab
Cheese Stuffed Masala Mushrooms :)
Banana Flower Fritters..

Malai Chicken Kebab
Chicken Tikka :)
The pastries that melted in the mouth

Oh Man!!!...These ppl has endless dishes!!

Melting Cheese filled Samosas

This is what i enjoyed during a weekday buffet with the fellow bloggers and the owner of burgundy...

Welcome Drink,Slurped

Chicken Pizza

Veg Cheese Pizza

The Paneer Tikka ,of course a Signature dish

The Caramelized Almond tart is a must try one.
Of course,they served many perfect yum desserts around the world

The Coconut pudding sounds new to me..Decor of Whipped Cream and a thread of white chocolate  lemon grass luks like a jasmine flower...

 Desserts widely spread out on the freezing tiles,
it wont dries out in air like in another places

The Indian Sweets,Banana Cake,Tarts,Tiramisu and their panna cotta are my favourites of tasted desserts from burgundy

Their Salad Bar and dont miss the cheese at the corner..

The Single Serving dishes beautifully arranged

Burgundy and Tuscana offers new home delivery system,the plate shown in the pic will be delivered with food with deposit charge and replaceable thru ur next delivery order....The plate is microwaveable and reusable...So,Forget the soggy foods in plastic or aluminium wraps.

It was wonderful to speak with Vipin Sachdev,he spoke a lot on hotel business and his deals....More i wud like to share his one view is No one can buy a person by money,food or power...Only the attitude of the person matters a lot.Humanity and honestly strikes the best when comes to customer service..
Overall,i luved their service,from starters ,main course food to the desserts.The food were outstanding...And the ambiance too,the ppl are ready to serve any food at any time...Kool.isnt it?..

Visit them at
94,Sathyadev Avenue,MRC Nagar,
Next to Chettinad School,Chennai
Check them Burgundy@Facebook
They are open 6am to 12am...
With Continental and Indian Breakfast 350Rs+ taxes
Buffet-850Rs.+taxes and Dinner 950+taxes
Sunday Brunch-1250+taxes
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