Thursday, March 10, 2011

Savoury/Kara Modagam

This recipe is everyone's favorite Kara Modagam.This is one of sangakala unavu,i cooked for the contest..

Fry mustard seeds,Chana dal in hot oil until mustard spatters and the dal turns into light brown

Add Quarter tsp of Perugayam/Hing/Asafoedia 

Swtich off the flame and add some curry leaves

In another pan ,boil 2 cups of water,add some oil and salt

Add the Seasoning to water

Then the Kai Kuthal Arisi

Bring to boil and stir occasionally,it will be cooked in 2 minutes

Once the water is absorbed,Stir it for non-sticky consistency

Make them into balls or any desired shapes and steam them for 5 minutes

The Actual Recipe for Kara Modagam/Kozhukattai
For Seasoning
Coconut Oil-2 tsps
Mustard Seeds-1 tsp
Chana Dal-1 tbsp
Hing-Quater Tsp
Curry leaves-10 leaves
Coconut ,grated-half cup,Optional
Green Chilli-1 ,sliced ,Optional
For Modagam
Kai Kuthal Arisi-1 cup
Water-2cups+Quarter cup
Salt to taste
Oil-1 tsp

1.Prepare the Seasoning,by frying all the ingredients
2.Boil the water ,and add the seasoning,oil and salt
3.Add the rice to the boiling water
4.Cook the rice for 2-3 minutes by stirring occasionally
5.Once the rice is cooked,stir it well to form non sticky consistency
6.Make small balls with the arisi and steam it for 5 minutes
Serve it with Coconut Chutney


  1. Perfect breakfast and a snack time dish..:) and mine too :)

  2. Was planning to make this for dinner. Love this. Looks really yummy.

  3. Hey I'm new to this dish but it sure looks appetizing. Is that semolina you used?

  4. Dish looks tasty but what is Kai Kuthal Arisi??

  5. Wow..Healthy and perfect Kara Modagam
    oh my god so much of curry leaves...i am jealous of that....

  6. Kara modagam looks super delicious,havent had since a long..Yumm!

  7. What a great recipe..very well explained n hats off to your step by step pics :)

    US Masala

  8. We call this upma kozhukattai,love it a lot,great snack!

  9. Nice recipe. We call this as arisi upma kozhukattai..

  10. The recipe is traditional one, looks perfect- my fav kozhukkatai!

  11. Priya, ur post remind me my mom rt now.. Wonderfully made and came out perfect..

  12. we too call this as upma kozhukattai and i love the nice white colur.

  13. must try this...bookmarked!

    thx for sharing, dear

  14. Priya I have always loved your recipes, you have such an wonderful space...there's an award waiting for you in my space...plz accept it !

  15. I have saved it for a try..... It looked easy.... But do not know how much till I start! ;) Thanks for sharing this deary.... God Bless!!!


  16. Sooo yummy....i have tried it once from my friends place in Coorg:-)
    Love it!!!

  17. Absolutely delicious. we call it pidi kozhukkattai. Lovely pics.

  18. New to me. What is Kai Kuthal Arisi?
    I would like to try this one.

  19. hey Priya...thanks for your wishes !It's really true these awards mean a lot to me...its very encouraging ...n thanks for your constant support :-)

  20. love it... ur description is excellent...we call it upma kozhukattai.... love it here.... lovely space u have!!!!

  21. Wow those look superb and delicious!
    Priya, thanks for your sweet comments on my blog dear - Are you following under a different name since I could not find you...

  22. These look so delicious.Thanks for the wonderful recipe.

  23. You mad me really hungry now, I loved each and every single element in this dish. Thanks for sharing..

    US Masala

  24. I loved each and every single element in this dish.we call it as pidikolukattai.

  25. beautiful pictorial explanations and a lovely dish :) Pakumpodhu Pasikardhu!


Thank you

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