Monday, February 28, 2011

Kai Kuthal Arisi Sweet Modagam/Hand Pound Rice Modagam

Starting the Sangakala unavu with sweet modagam,I dedicate these modagams to my luvly god Ganesha....

Here is the stepwise procedure...

Heat two table spoons of Ghee in a pan

Measure 200 gms of Hand pound Rice

Add it to the hot ghee in the pan

Roast it for 2-3 minutes in medium flame

Add 400 ml of water and it takes jus 2 minutes to be cooked

It wont be sticky like cooked rice,but luks like cooked rava.

Melt jaggery with little water in med heat,once it started to boil,switch off the gas
(No consistency required for the syrup)

Filter the jaggery syrup to the cooked rice

Mix the jaggery syrup and Rice well

Grate some fresh coconut and add to it

Add some cardomom powder to it

Make some modagam with warm cooked rice

With some desired shapes too...Steam it for 4-5 minutes 

And its ready to serve

Actual recipe is
Broken rice-200 gms
Jagggery-100 to 125 gms
(Or) Karupatti sugar-3/4 cup
Ghee-2 tbsps
Cardomon powder-1 tsp
1.Heat the pan,add the ghee and the rice
2.Roast the broken rice for 1-2 minutes in ghee
3.Add 200 ml of water and allow the rice to cook
4.The rice ,will be cooked in 2 minutes,in mean melt jaggery in little water and bring to boil
4.Add the jaggery syrup by filtering it to the rice
5.Add cardomon powder and Reheat the rice in same pan
6.Switch off the fire and make desired shapes of modagam when it is warm itself
7.Steam them for 5 minutes and Its done now

To make Kaikuthal Rise/Hand pound Rice
1.Wash the raw rice 2-3 times in water
2.Spread a plastic sheet ,over it spread another doti /muslin cloth
3.Spread the washed rice and allow it to dry for a day
(I usually dry it by morning to evening,it depends on your atmosphere humidity)
4.Grain the dried rice in blender in a single pulse
Make it coarsely ,not powder form
5.Store it in Container for future use.

Yummy and Healthy Snack is ready...


  1. yummy modagam....wonderful pictorial explanation....u rock...

  2. very yummy way of making mothagam with handpound rice.nice and cute bowl

  3. Wow..looks soo to gobble a few:)

  4. Modhagam with handpound rice is really interesting. Hope this is the one you made for the show.. Keep rocking and you are creative in all ways. Luv the vessel too.

  5. wow, lovely and they looks tasty!

    Nice pick for the event and glad it won!

  6. WOW modhagam in rice :) tempting me tp grab the plate :) Wonderful clicks :) Nice traditional recipe :) I ll try t 4 sure... Ur bowl looks so good like lamp light :)

  7. Looks so tempting...Love it....Thanks for sharing...

  8. Those modagams looks soo inviting...beautiful clicks Priya..

  9. Looks tempting and delicious,loved the step by step pics.

  10. Step wise photos has made us to understand better.Thanks for the wonderful blog and recipe.

  11. Modagam for lord Ganesha,these sound and look so delicious and the fact that you have made them with all the devotion for your lord makes them even more special:)Loved the server,it is so pretty !!!

  12. Looks absolutely delicious and awesome ...

  13. My mom makes it yaar..looooove it..My fav too.. It has come out perfect

  14. Fantastic step by step pictures...modagam looks so delicious..yumm

  15. Lovely traditional recipe :) Looks a lot tempting :)

  16. I am drooling all over...what a beautiful post..I love this, Priya :-)

  17. Great pictorials dear n what a delicious delicious treat!!

    US Masala

  18. super delicious mothagam, congrats on your winning

  19. That looks so perfect and delicious..yumm yumm!!

  20. Hey priya.. thanks for the lovely comment... Isn't motherhood priceless.. I used to google for baby food and stuff but never got a satisfying one.. so started one myself to help out others.. now it feels so good... and i have so many friends out here who all are exceptionally wonderful chefs.. so i get yummy recipes and help from everyone.. It's good. Glad to follow you..

  21. Thanks for the recipe. It means a lot to me. This was one of those childshood tastes I 4gt. My grandmom used to prepare this for me when i was a kid with some small variations like adding roasted raisins and nuts.
    Any way I will prepare this soon for sure.

    Thanks again.
    Happy shivarathri.


  22. Very new to me and sounds healthy too! Loved that serving bowl as well!

  23. Visiting your blog for the fisrt time.. Amazing clicks and wonderful presentation...Love your modagam.. Glad to follow you:-)

  24. Wow, never heard or tasted this before, but sounds like a must try dish..yum

    Aaha Oho

  25. The kozhukattai is perfectly delicious!

  26. Nice traditional recipe.Must have tasted great.

  27. My favorite, used to enjoy this when my mum makes it.

  28. Really yummy and healthy, great snacks for kids too..hey, I've shared an award with you, pl. come and collect from my blog, thanks

  29. Hi,
    first time here…
    This looks delicious!

  30. lovely modagam. and with jaggery and kari petti it can be so delicious too. thank you for sharing it with us!!

  31. Cute looking modakams..who doesnt love these sweet treats!..
    Lucky Ganesha ;)

  32. Aha - pramadham -being transported to India with this one :)

  33. This looks really very nice and truly very informative. Very yummy. Will definitely try for sure.

  34. That was lovely! Can you please tell me where to buy hand pound rice in US.. is it there in the grocery shops?

  35. Thats a lovely recipe... Can you please tell me if hand pound rice is available in US?.. will it be in indian groceries?

  36. I think u dont get hand pound rice,try in any indian grocery store..Or else Better wash the raw rice and dry it in a towel for few hours,and then pulse it in blender for few seconds...hope the modagam comes out well


Thank you

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